App FAQs

How it Works

What is the app?

The app, powered by SleepScore™, is the most accurate contact-free way to track your sleep. The app uses patented sonar technology to record your breathing and movements throughout your sleep stages. We combine this analysis with insights from your user profile to create a holistic view of your sleep patterns — and deliver personalized advice to help you Unjunk Your Sleep.

Packed with easy-to-use features, the app empowers you to use your sleep data in productive ways.

  • Sleep Tracker: Non-contact sleep tracking that puts a detailed sleep-cycle analysis at your fingertips   
  • Daily SleepScore: An easy-to-understand score based on six criteria for high-quality sleep   
  • Sleep History: Seven rolling nights of sleep analytics that help you easily spot trends in your SleepScore, breathing rate, and more  
  • Sleep Solutions: Sleep-boosting features such as Smart Alarm, Check Bedroom, Quick Tips, and a content-rich Sleep Library filled with actionable insights 
  • Personalized Recommendations: Tips to improve your sleep, straight from world-leading sleep scientists 

If you’re serious about using better sleep to turbocharge your life, Premium makes optimizing your SleepScore easier than ever. Premium features include:

  • Personalized Sleep Challenges:  Interactive activities that transform small behavioral changes into consistently better sleep 
  • CheckUp: A sleep screener that identifies any concerning patterns in your data  
  • Sleep Report: Comprehensive 30-day sleep report and screener results to easily share with your doctor  
  • Lifetime Sleep History: Lifetime sleep history, trends, and sleep cycle analysis  

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What does it mean to be powered by SleepScore?

While using the app, you’ve probably noticed that some features and elements include a “Powered by SleepScore” badge. We utilize SleepScore’s renowned sleep-tracking technology, expert-backed advice, and other innovative features to give you the tools you need to sleep better — all in a single easy-to-use app.

How is my SleepScore calculated?

Your nightly SleepScore measures the quality of your sleep against the following criteria:

  • Total time asleep  
  • Time it takes to fall asleep 
  • Time spent in light sleep 
  • Time spent in deep sleep 
  • Time spent in REM sleep 
  • Number of times you woke up at night 

Our app’s algorithm compares your data to known averages for your gender and age, which have been developed based on in-depth research and more than 6 million nights of sleep studies. The average SleepScore is 78. However, within 14 nights of using our app, 60% of users fall asleep faster, 44% improve their deep sleep, and 21% sleep for longer — all factors that help boost your SleepScore over time.

How does the app track my sleep?

The app utilizes patented sonar technology to track your sleep without any wearable device. Using your phone’s speakers and microphone, the app sends and receives silent signals that assess your overall sleep based on your breath and movement. And don’t worry, we never record anything.

How does the app use my phone’s speakers and microphone to track my sleep?

The app uses sonar technology to accurately track your sleep. Just like the echolocation that bats use to sense their surroundings at night, the app sends silent signals into your sleep environment. When these sound waves reflect into your microphone, our advanced algorithm interprets their shape and movement — determining your breathing rate, assessing your body movement, and turning those insights into an accurate record of your nightly sleep patterns.

How does the app compare to other sleep tracking apps?

The app is powered by SleepScore. SleepScore’s patented sonar technology uses echolocation to measure your movements and breathing throughout the night. The app’s proprietary ResMed algorithm analyzes that data, transforming it into an accurate, easy-to-understand view of your sleep quality. This algorithm leverages more than 12 years of research and 6 million recorded nights of sleep to provide consistently accurate sleep tracking — no wearable device required.

Most apps only measure your movement and are unable to assess your breathing rate. The app uses both movement and breathing to offer the most complete assessment of your sleep available outside of a sleep lab.

How does the app compare to other sleep tracking products?

The app uses patented sonar technology that measures your breathing rate and body movement to accurately track your journey through the sleep cycle. Our app uses your smartphone’s speakers and microphone, so you don’t have to wear any tracking device. And because you place your phone on your bedside table before starting your sleep session, the app is completely contact-free, too.

Verified against Actigraphy and Polysomnography (PSG), the only two clinically accepted standards of measuring sleep, the app’s algorithm leverages more than 12 years of research and 6 million nights of sleep data. When we say the app is the most accurate way to track your sleep outside of a sleep lab, we’ve got the proof to back it up.

How does the app help me improve my sleep?

The app tracks your breathing and body movement as you travel through each sleep stage. This data, combined with the profile and lifestyle information that you provide in the app, unlocks deep insights into your unique sleep patterns and overall sleep health. The result? Actionable, customized advice that helps you sleep better.

The app is home to a series of interactive tools that help you understand how you sleep, all available in the free version. Sleep tracking and your SleepScore are just the beginning. Explore personalized recommendations from world-leading sleep specialists and use the Smart Alarm to wake up at the right time in your sleep cycle. Set goals that help you measure your journey toward better sleep and get product recommendations to optimize your sleep environment. And every step of the way, view your seven-day Sleep History to easily identify trends in your SleepScore, breathing rate, and more.

With a Premium account, you get even more tools to help you sleep better. For less than the cost of one latte per month, participate in subscriber-only Sleep Challenges, explore in-depth data visualizations, and tap into the power of lifetime sleep history analytics. You’ll also have access to CheckUp, a sleep screener that identifies any concerning patterns in your data, and Sleep Report, which provides a 30-day sleep analysis to share with your doctor. If your CheckUp identifies potential sleep disorder risks, that information will also be included in your Sleep Report.

Sleep Sessions

Can the app track two people at the same time?

A single app can only record one person’s sleep at a time. However, multiple people in the same house can use their apps simultaneously if they’re not sleeping in the same bed.

If you’re using the app and your bed partner isn’t, no problem! Just place your phone closest to you so that you get an accurate read. If both you and your bed partner want to track your sleep in the same room at the same time, your apps will interfere with one another and produce inaccurate results. One solution? One person can use the app and the other can track with SleepScore Max.

Learn more about SleepScore Max .

Will my app track my sleep properly if there’s someone else in my room?

Yes. Our SleepScore technology is designed to track the person closest to the smartphone in use. Having two sleepers in the bed won’t affect your results, but remember, only one person can track their sleep at a time.

Can there be two sleep sessions in progress in the same room at the same time?

If there are two sessions in the same room, they will interfere with each other and produce inaccurate sleep data. One workaround? One sleeper can use the app and the other can use SleepScore Max.

Learn more about SleepScore Max .

Does the app work while I’m using a CPAP?

Yes! Your CPAP machine won’t cause any inaccuracies in your SleepScore.

When should I start and stop my sleep session?

Start your sleep session as soon as you’re ready to go to bed; that way, the app can accurately reflect how long it took for you to fall asleep. In the morning, stop your sleep session as soon as you wake up.

Should I be concerned if I hear a noise from my smartphone when I start a sleep session?

Before the start of each sleep session, the app performs a quick 30-second environment and phone check. If you hear quiet popping or clicking sounds coming from your phone’s speakers, that’s just the app doing its job. Your phone might also click softly throughout the night; this is normal and varies from phone to phone.

Features & Functionality

Will the app work when my smartphone screen is locked?

The app will track your sleep regardless of whether your screen is locked or unlocked. If your screen is unlocked, the app will dim your phone’s display so the brightness doesn’t disrupt your sleep. If you lock your screen and use the Smart Alarm feature, you’ll need to unlock your phone to disable the alarm.

Why do I need to charge my smartphone during a sleep session?

Through extensive testing, we’ve found that the app delivers the most stable results when a device is charging. By keeping your phone plugged in, you also avoid the risk of your battery dying mid-session, which would leave you with an incomplete tracking session.

Can I use my smartphone while I'm tracking a sleep session?

Yes. However, tracking will automatically pause any time your phone moves. This prevents your phone from picking up poor signals that could lead to inaccurate results.

Why does the app pause when I pick up my phone?

During your sleep session, loud sounds from your bedroom or phone can affect the accuracy of the app’s sonar sensor. For this reason, the app automatically pauses your sleep tracking any time you move your phone from your bedside table. Tracking automatically resumes once your phone is back on a level surface with no other apps playing sounds.

Can I listen to music on my smartphone while I’m tracking my sleep?

Unfortunately, no. Music and other sounds from your phone will interfere with the app’s sonar signal. The app will stop tracking if you’re playing music, taking a call, or using other apps during your sleep session. Once all sounds are off and your phone is back on your nightstand, your tracking will automatically resume.

What happens to my sleep record when the time changes?

The app automatically accounts for daylight saving time, ensuring your sleep record remains accurate despite the time change. And here’s the best part: You’re not required to do anything differently! On the night when the clocks “roll back,” the app will record two 1 a.m. time slots. That’s because when the clock strikes 2 a.m., the app records your data and then rolls back to 1 a.m. — showing two results for the “same” time. However, there’s no lost time, your sleep duration will be accurate, and the app accounts for the time change with no action from you.

When it’s time to “spring forward,” the app accounts for that as well, adjusting your sleep duration by one hour when the clock jumps from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m.

What is the Breathing Rate feature?

Your nightly breathing rate is one measure of your overall health. The app tracks your breathing rate while you sleep and provides this data as a nightly average that makes it easy to identify any unusual increases.

To view your breathing rate, navigate to the History tab in the app. Then, tap the Breathing Rate icon to see your daily data in a convenient weekly view.

What is considered a healthy average breathing rate?

The average breathing rate for adults typically ranges from 12 to 20 breaths per minute. In the app, you can review your daily averages by tapping the Breathing Rate icon in the History tab. If you’re concerned about your nightly average, please seek additional guidance from your healthcare provider.

Questions About Sonar

Is sonar safe for sleep tracking?

Powered by SleepScore™, the app uses sonar technology to track your sleep safely and accurately. Using your phone’s speakers and microphone, the app sends and receives sound waves that help us assess your sleep quality based on breathing and movement. We encounter sound waves in our everyday life simply by communicating with others, and the frequencies used in the app are well within the range considered safe.

Because the app’s sound frequencies are transferred through the air rather than applied directly to the body, our technology emits minimal energy. These energy levels fall within the acceptable range cited in numerous health guidelines and publications .

Which sound frequencies are used for tracking?

During your sleep session, the app only processes the sonar signals in its range, ignoring other sound frequencies. At the end of every sleep session, all audio data is destroyed. The app never saves or stores the sounds collected during your sleep tracking, and the same is true for SleepScore Max.

Learn more about how the app works .

Can I hear the sonar signals while my sleep is being tracked?

The app uses sonar at sound frequencies above the level of adult human hearing. Because children and young adults can hear different sound frequencies than adults, in some cases they have reported hearing the app’s sensor sounds. However, this has not been shown to create any ongoing disturbance in children or young adults.

Can pets hear the sonar signals used in the app?

When tracking your sleep, the app uses advanced sonar at sound frequencies above the level of adult human hearing. Because pets have more sensitive hearing than humans, they could possibly hear the app’s sonar frequencies. However, our extensive testing has shown that this does not pose any risk to pets.

SleepScore Max

What is SleepScore Max?

SleepScore Max is a sleep-tracking sensor that measures the quality and quantity of your sleep from a bedside table — no wearable required. As you sleep, the SleepScore Max sensor measures your movement and breathing, plus the light and temperature levels in your bedroom. Each morning, you’ll receive a personalized SleepScore™ based on these analytics, available in a companion app packed with personalized, science-based advice to help you improve your sleep.

SleepScore Max provides the most accurate non-contact sleep tracking outside of a sleep lab, and its accuracy has been validated in more than a dozen published studies . Although everyone sleeps differently, SleepScore Max technology has been shown to enhance sleep quality within just one week of use.

Learn more about SleepScore Max .

What is the difference between the app and SleepScore Max?

SleepScore Max is hardware that sits on your bedside table, whereas the app lives within your smartphone. Although they both deliver the same level of accuracy and employ the same algorithm, they use different technologies to calculate your SleepScore.

The app uses patented sonar technology, which relies on your phone’s microphone and speakers to send and receive silent signals into your sleep environment. SleepScore Max uses super low-powered radio waves to measure your movements and breathing. Unlike the app, SleepScore Max has environmental sensors that measure the light and temperature levels in your bedroom. These key details can help you create the optimal environment for high-quality sleep.

Both the app and SleepScore Max calculate your SleepScore using our proprietary algorithm, which leverages more than 6 million nights of sleep and 12 years of software development to deliver the most accurate way to measure your sleep outside of a sleep lab — no wearable required.

Which is more accurate, the app or SleepScore Max?

The app and SleepScore Max use the same algorithm to assess your sleep. This algorithm is based on more than 6 million nights of sleep and 12 years of technology research. While you initially might notice a two- or three-point difference between your scores in the app and SleepScore Max, this should even out over time. Whether you use the app or SleepScore Max, rest assured that you’re getting the most accurate non-contact sleep tracking available outside of a sleep lab.

Can I use the app and SleepScore Max to track my sleep at the same time?

No. Because SleepScore Max and the app both use your phone’s microphone, it’s not possible to track your sleep with both simultaneously.

If you share a room with someone who wants to track their sleep, we recommend that one of you use SleepScore Max and the other use the app.


What should I do if my SleepScore™ doesn’t seem accurate?

It can take a few nights of consecutive sleep tracking to establish a consistent baseline and begin identifying SleepScore trends. If your SleepScore still doesn’t seem accurate after a few days of using the app, check the following common sources of interference:

  • Phone positioning: Watch this  video  to ensure you have the correct phone setup. 
  • Electronic devices: Is there any sound interference in your sleep environment? Sound machines, fans, TVs, stereos, and other noisy electronics could cause issues if they’re less than 3 to 6 feet from  your phone or are set to a high volume. For the best results, turn off all electronic devices that emit noise throughout the night.  
  • Microphone and speakers: Make sure your microphone and speakers are functioning and aren’t blocked by your phone case. Otherwise, you could see abnormalities in your sleep tracking data.  
  • Multiple apps: If another app is used in your room, it can cause inaccuracies in your SleepScore. Only use one app per room. 
  • Phone usage: During your sleep session, keep your phone charging and limit its use. If your phone is unplugged and/or frequently used during your session, our tracking technology automatically pauses. This creates an incomplete reading of your sleep duration.  

The app performs an interference check at the start of each sleep session. If it identifies any of the above issues, you’ll receive an automated alert.

What can interfere with my sleep recording throughout the night?

The most common types of interference are related to your phone and other electronic devices in your sleep environment. The app performs an interference check at the start of each sleep session and will tell you the next morning whether it identifies any of these issues.

Your phone

  • Incorrect phone setup and positioning; watch our video for a quick refresher  
  • A phone case that blocks your microphone and/or speakers 
  • Speakers and microphones that don’t work properly 
  • Unplugging your phone during your sleep session 
  • Significant phone usage during your sleep session 

Electronic devices

  • Sound interference from sound machines, fans, TVs, stereos, and other noisy electronic devices positioned less than 3 to 6 feet from your phone 
  • Another app being used in the room 

Electronic devices should not cause interference if they are set to a low volume and positioned at least 3 to 6 feet from your phone. However, we suggest turning off any devices that may make sounds throughout the night to ensure the best results.

Do television sounds interfere with my SleepScore?

If your TV is positioned less than 3 to 6 feet from your phone and is set to a high volume level, it could interfere with your sleep tracking. The type of noise emitted also impacts whether a TV causes interference. Although our app automatically identifies potential issues before each sleep session, we recommend turning off all electronic devices that make noise.

Do electronic devices interfere with the accuracy of my sleep tracking?

Some electronic devices could cause interference based on the type and volume of sound emitted and their location in your room. Although the app automatically identifies interference issues at the start of each sleep session, we recommend turning off all electronic devices that make noise to ensure the best results.

Do bed covers, pillows, or other bedding interfere with the app’s sonar sensor sleep tracking?

No! We’ve tested products of all weights, sizes, and densities to ensure that your bedding will not interfere with our app’s ability to accurately track your sleep.

Will air conditioning or an electric fan interfere with my sleep tracking?

The app performs an interference check at the start of each sleep session to ensure you’re set up for success. However, air conditioners and electric fans could cause interference depending on their proximity to your phone, their volume level, and the type of sound they emit. For the best results, turn off all electronic devices that make noise before you start tracking or position them at least 3 to 6 feet from your phone.

What should I do if my sleep record shows periods of no signal?

If your sleep record shows periods of no signal, start by exploring these common issues:

  • Is your phone positioned incorrectly? Watch this  video  for a quick how-to.  
  • Is there any sound interference in your sleep environment? If you have sound machines, fans, TV, stereos, and/or noisy electronics in your room, try positioning them at least 3 to 6 feet from your phone and lowering their volume.    
  • Is your phone case blocking your microphone or speakers? If so, try removing your case before starting your next sleep session.  
  • Are your speakers and microphone malfunctioning? Ensure they’re working properly before starting your sleep session. 
  • Is there another app being used in the room? For the most accurate tracking, limit usage to one app per room. 
  • Was your phone unplugged during your tracking session? This automatically pauses our sleep tracking technology. 
  • Did you use your phone a lot during the session? Limit usage to avoid pauses in your sleep tracking. 

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” troubleshoot the issue before your next sleep session to eliminate periods of no signal. The app also performs a daily interference check and notifies you if it identifies any issues.

What should I do if my SleepScore is zero?

If you’ve received a zero SleepScore, that means the app’s sonar technology was paused for the entire night. This typically occurs if your smartphone is playing audio from another source, which automatically pauses your tracking session. Before your next session, disconnect your phone from all Bluetooth devices and double-check that no other apps are playing audio.


How does the app protect my privacy?

At, we take your privacy very seriously. We use a variety of technologies and procedures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. Read our  Privacy Policy to learn more about how we safeguard your sensitive sleep data and other personal information.

Why should I upgrade to a Premium subscription?

We launched the app to help you easily understand — and improve — your sleep habits. And because everyone deserves the mind-body benefits of high-quality sleep, we’ve included all our essential tracking features in the free version of our app — no trial period and no fine print. With the free app, you’ll also get seven days of practical advice to help you begin improving your sleep habits.

Accurate tracking is the foundation of any healthy sleep routine. But if you’re serious about using better sleep to fuel your best life, the Premium account is designed for you. For less than the price of one latte per month, you’ll gain key insights and optimization strategies to help you leave behind Junk Sleep once and for all:

  • Sleep Report that identifies your biggest sleep challenge and provides an in-depth analysis of your 30-day sleep patterns  
  • Exclusive, subscriber-only Personalized Sleep Challenges that empower you to continue optimizing your sleep 
  • Lifetime Sleep History with visualizations to help you identify long-term trends in your SleepScore, breathing rate, and more  
  • CheckUp sleep issue screening and a full PDF report to share with your doctor, should our experts detect a risk of sleep apnea, insomnia, or restless leg syndrome  

To upgrade to a Premium account, visit the Settings tab on your app and select Unlock Premium.

How do I view, change, or cancel my premium subscription?

Your Premium account is managed directly by Apple. You can make changes to your subscription at any time using the steps below. If you need to cancel your subscription, please keep in mind that merely uninstalling the app does not do so.

From your iPhone:

  1. Select Settings in the app. 
  2. Click Manage My Subscription. This will take you directly to your iPhone’s subscription settings. 
  3. Under Subscriptions, click Manage. 
  4. Select the app from your list of subscriptions.  
  5. Use the options provided to manage your subscription. You can choose a different subscription period or turn off Automatic Renewal to cancel your subscription at the end of the current billing cycle.  

From your Android device:

  1. Open the Google Play store.  
  2. Tap Menu and then select Subscriptions. 
  3. On your list of subscriptions, tap the app. 
  4. Tap Cancel Subscription.  
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process. 

Which smartphones does the app support?

Because speaker and microphone setups vary from one phone model to the next, our team verifies each device to ensure the most accurate sleep tracking. The app supports the following devices, each of which has been fully verified:


  • iOS software 11.2 and above 
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus 
  • iPhone 6S and 6S Plus 
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus 
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus 
  • iPhone X 
  • iPhone XS 
  • iPhone XS Max 
  • iPhone XR 


  • Android software 6 and above 
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S7 
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ 
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ 
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and 9 
  • Google Pixel 2 XL  

For the optimal app experience, we recommend using a fully supported device. If you use the app with an unsupported model, you’ll still be able to track your sleep but could experience some disabled features. We’re working diligently to expand our list of supported devices, so please check back regularly if you don’t see your phone included above — and consider joining our Android Early Access Program to help us validate your Android model faster.

What is the Android Early Access Program?

We’re constantly enhancing the app to bring you the best tools for better sleep. When you enroll in the Android Early Access Program, you’ll help us test exclusive new features and add more Android phones to our list of supported devices.

Speakers and microphones vary from one phone to the next. To ensure the app produces the most accurate sleep cycle data, we validate every phone model before adding it to our list of supported devices. With the help of our Early Access Program participants, we can test the app’s sonar technology on more unsupported Android phones at a much faster rate.

If you qualify for the program, you’ll be invited to join once you’ve downloaded and set up the app on your phone. During the program, you’ll have free access to the 20+ features included with Premium — plus new features only available to Early Access Program enrollees. Your app data will be shared with our research team, which will perform thorough testing to determine your phone’s ability to support the app’s technology. Once your program ends after 3 to 6 months, you’ll receive an additional month of Premium as a “thank you” for your participation.

By joining the program, you’re acknowledging that your sleep data might not meet the same level of accuracy as data produced by validated phones.

How can I join the Android Early Access Program?

If you qualify for the Android Early Access Program, you’ll receive an invite in your app. Once joining, you’ll have access to all the features included in Premium — plus any new features we’re currently testing.

Here’s how to enroll:

  1. On your Android device, find the app in the Google Play Store. 
  1. Install and open the app on your device. 
  1. Follow the steps to create your account. 
  1. If we detect that your device is available for the Android Early Access Program, you’ll receive a notification inviting you to join.  
  1. After joining, you’ll be added to the Android Early Access Program. In the app, you should now see a badge displayed next to the features that are part of our testing and validation process. 

What features will be available when I participate in the Android Early Access Program?

When you join the Android Early Access Program, you’ll receive access to our wearable-free sleep tracker and all the other features in the app — plus Premium features that amplify your sleep improvement journey:

  • Lifetime Sleep History: Lifetime sleep analytics that help you easily spot long-term trends in your SleepScore, breathing rate, and more   
  • CheckUp: A clinically validated sleep issues screener that identifies concerning patterns in your sleep data  
  • Sleep Report: A comprehensive 30-day sleep-data analysis — including the results of your CheckUp sleep screener — delivered as a PDF for easy sharing with your doctor 
  • Do I Snore: A quick quiz that determines your snoring style and provides personalized solutions to help you sleep better 
  • Personalized Sleep Challenges: Exclusive seven-day challenges that help you transform small lifestyle changes into better sleep  
  • Sleep Coach: A one-on-one consultation with a certified sleep coach who can help you build a customized sleep-improvement plan (available for additional fee) 

Learn more about the app’s science-backed features .

How long does the Android Early Access Program last?

The Android Early Access Program typically lasts between 3 and 6 months, depending on the number of participants with your device and the complexity of the features being tested.

What happens when the Early Access Program ends for my device?

When the program ends for your device, we’ll notify you via the app. If your device has been successfully validated by our team, the features you tested will already be active in your app. As a special thank you, you’ll receive an additional free month of Premium after your program ends.