SleepScore Max
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What is the difference between the app and SleepScore Max?
SleepScore Max is hardware that sits on your bedside table, whereas the app lives within your smartphone. Although they both deliver the same level of accuracy and employ the same algorithm, they use different technologies to calculate your SleepScore.

The app uses patented sonar technology, which relies on your phone’s microphone and speakers to send and receive silent signals into your sleep environment. SleepScore Max uses super low-powered radio waves to measure your movements and breathing. Unlike the app, SleepScore Max has environmental sensors that measure the light and temperature levels in your bedroom. These key details can help you create the optimal environment for high-quality sleep.

Both the app and SleepScore Max calculate your SleepScore using our proprietary algorithm, which leverages more than 6 million nights of sleep and 12 years of software development to deliver the most accurate way to measure your sleep outside of a sleep lab — no wearable required.