Sleep disorders
Man touching sore shoulder after sleeping on it at night
Your sleeping position can cause shoulder pain — or worsen existing aches in your upper body. Here are the adjustments you can make to find relief.
Cramping calves can keep you awake. Here are some expert-approved ways to sleep better with leg pain at night.
Girl with bandaid on her arm, post-vaccine shot, smiling
More people tend to report side effects after the second dose of the COVID-19 shot. Here's what to keep in mind when getting your vaccine.
Person covering their face to hide from the sun as they struggle to wake up
Sleep inertia is why you wake up confused and disoriented after your alarm goes off. Here are seven tips to make waking up easier.
Man shifting in his bed, tossing and turning at night
Ever wonder why it’s so hard to combat restless sleep? We looked into causes, treatment, and prevention tips.
Girl texting on her phone in the middle of the night, wide awake
Nighttime awakenings are more common than not — but when should you start being concerned?
Woman reading paperback book at night with a bedside lamp

1. Find time for self-care before lights-out

Dedicate 30-mins to "you" time during the day or before bed. This will help curb the urge for revenge bedtime procrastination.

2. Power down tech an hour before bed

Blue light can cause your brain to keep you up longer than you might want. Tuck your tech away for a smoother wind down.

3. Cool yourself down on hot nights

A drop in body temperature can signal to your brain that it's time for shut-eye. Cool your room or try a hot bath.

4. Try to wake up at the same time every morning

A consistent wake time sets the stage for good sleep habits. Plus, who doesn't love waking up naturally?
Hack your sleep health
Plant Therapy diffuser next to bed
For truly sweet slumber, try aromatherapy.
A couple enjoying holiday morning coffee before opening chronotype based gifts.
What to get for each person on your list, no matter what time of day they soar.
A family relaxing and enjoying the holiday season after a good night's rest
Make holiday shopping the most relaxing thing you do this year.
Man using a light box on his work desk
The cold, dark months don’t just impact your mood — they can also make it harder to get a good night’s rest.
Woman wondering anxiously about the future while sitting in bed
Anticipatory anxiety, even if it’s excitement about the future, can ruin sleep. Here’s how to stop feeling so wired.
Woman trying to clam anxiety at night while her partner sleeps beside her.
From changing your routine to breaking bad thought patterns, experts give their tips for how to fall asleep when you are experiencing anxiety at night.

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