Editorial Standards at Sleep.com

Through every twist and turn in your health journey, there’s one constant: You need sleep. But in today’s digital age, sleep information has become overly prescriptive, complicated, and difficult to evaluate. If trying to sleep better is keeping you up at night, we hear you and we’re ready to help.

Sleep.com simplifies sleep advice so you can focus on getting the relaxation and restoration you deserve. While the best sleep comes naturally, sometimes better rest comes with a little trusted help.

Our editorial policy: research, experts, and journals

Our editorial team is passionate about publishing sleep content that is well-researched and thoroughly reported, while still approachable. Whether we’re breaking down complex sleep science or sharing sleep-boosting bedroom design tips, we approach every topic with empathy and expertise. Our goal? To help every reader enjoy better sleep, and to have the right plans in place when that good sleep feels out of reach.

Sleep is dynamic, and so is our team. Backed by the Sleep Experts™ at Mattress Firm, Sleep.com has in-depth industry experience and a deep understanding of the questions you have about sleep. Our writers explore the latest in sleep science, technology, design, wellness, and cultural trends to keep our readers sleeping well. We present the most up-to-date reporting and research. We thoroughly evaluate every expert source not just for credentials, but for the diversity of voices and perspectives on Sleep.com. And we use primary sources including sleep data from our partner, SleepScore Labs , the sleep science company known for its evidence-based sleep solutions to deliver original insights that make a difference for our readers.

As the content and health landscapes continue to evolve, we’re more committed than ever to our editorial standards: quality sources, transparency, and accurate information that all support our readers on the journey to better sleep.

Our editorial process: editors, experience, and experts

Sleep.com has built a diverse network of writers who share our passion for better sleep. We vet each writer’s professional background including previously published work and research and lived experience to ensure our content is accurate, relatable, compassionate, and engaging.

Our editorial team works closely with writers throughout the content development process. Before publication, each article is thoroughly fact-checked, edited, and reviewed against our editorial standards. We consult our Sleep Advisors — doctors and sleep health professionals — and Sleep Experts™ to ensure that complex sleep science is communicated both clearly and accurately.

We recognize that health information is constantly evolving and research, at times, represents limited populations. We are continually expanding our expert network to represent a wider range of voices, experiences, and health specializations on Sleep.com. With help from our Sleep Advisors, we stay on top of the research and trends shaping the sleep space. When new findings or health recommendations emerge, we update our articles so that our readers are always informed on the leading edge of sleep innovation.

How Sleep.com is funded

Sleep.com is backed by Mattress Firm. Although we don’t currently run advertising on our site, we may earn affiliate revenue for products purchased through our Shop page, articles, and other Sleep.com related channels.

A note on medical information

None of the content on Sleep.com is, or is intended to be a substitute for, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.