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Illustration of two adults sleeping and being disrupted by disruptors, symbolized through icons
Sleepscore Labs asked 35,000 people about what wakes them up and found that women report more disruptions in their sleep than men. We broke down what those disruptors were and how they change over time.
What was it like to sleep on Molecule's recovery-focused bedding, like Alex Morgan, Michael Phelps, and Russell Wilson?
Woman on a plane, sleeping with the window open
Pilots, flight attendants, and travel pros share their secrets to sleeping while traveling.
A stream of tart cherry juice going into a glass to drink for muscle recovery.
Elite athletes, like Aly Raisman, are turning to tart cherry juice to wipe away their sleep struggles. Here’s how the fruity elixir may get you more shuteye.
Man looking calm with ear plugs and travel pillow
Noise during sleep can affect your health, even if you don't wake up. Here's how to counteract the commotion.
Close up of a smartwatch on a man's arm
In a very near future, smartwatches could be the first way to learn you have an illness — be it Lyme disease or COVID-19 — on the way.
Person using phone and laptop in bed, in need of a digital detox and break

1. Reduced anxiety

Doomscrolling before bed is a recipe for mental disaster. Quit the apps at least an hour before bed.

2. Healthier bedtime boundaries

That notification can wait. Bedtime is your time, and building positive sleep associations can help you fall asleep faster.

3. More energy at wake-up

A phone away keeps the procrastination at bay. Avoid logging on first thing and focus on your morning routine.

4. Consistent sleep-wake schedule

Blue light can cause your brain to keep you up longer than you might want. Rely on natural light schedule your sleep.
Music, podcasts, media, and more
Makeup brush close to microphone for ASMR video
The sensation many people get from watching these rhythmic clips serves as a sedative that helps them de-stress and wind down before bed.
Laughing way their to dreamland... can you think of a better way for Dad to unwind?
Woman holding a sleeping baby while using her phone to adjust lights.
Lights, temperature, music — these smart home hacks could make going to bed easier.
woman listening to a bedtime story
Nod off with these great sleep stories apps and podcasts.
Feet on bed with white headphones and phone.
This playlist delivers exactly what mom needs the night before her big day: chill beats, soft vocals, and good vibes.
Man and a woman reading in bed
Curling up with a good book can be a form of stress management — the perfect transition from your busy day to a peaceful night’s sleep.
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