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A women stretching in bed hugging a pillow to her side with one arm and the other reaching upward.
Use our sleep calculator to find your best bedtime based on age and your desired wake-up time.
A man dropping an acid reducer into a full glass of water
Acid reflux at night can put a major strain on your sleep quality. Read up on some tips on how to combat acid reflux and catch some much needed Zzz's.
A woman looking over her baby in their crib.
Different from bed-sharing, co-sleeping means sleeping separately from your baby in the same room. Here’s what the experts say about safe co-sleeping.
A woman laying face up on a table getting a neck massage.
It’s not just you: Massages have been shown to help prepare the body and mind for sleep, thanks to muscle relaxation and the serenity of closing your senses to stimuli from the real world.
Person drinking coffee in the morning, checking their sleep data from the Sleep Tracking App
Seeing how many hours of sleep you get is just scratching the surface of what you can learn.
Woman pressing snooze button on early morning digital alarm clock.
New research shows that an erratic wake-up schedule can lead to worse sleep. Here’s why, and how to break up with your snooze button for good.
Mature man sleeping in bed
Have you ever managed to finally drift off to sleep only to be startled awake by a free-falling sensation? Learn about those sleep starts and what causes the common phenomenon.
Sleep Uncovered graphic that reads Sleep Uncovered 2022; How COVID-19 is shaping the way we sleep — and live.
How COVID-19 is shaping the way we sleep — and live
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Overhead view of a couple sleeping at opposite ends of the bed.

Do you wake up in pain?

We spoke to experts about what to do when pain makes sleep feels elusive. Hint? It comes with giving yourself a break. Read more.

Is your mattress uncomfortable?

The average mattress lasts about 8 years, but there are many other signs of comfort and cleanliness to look out for when deciding whether you need to replace yours. Read more.

Do you get hot flashes or night sweats?

No one wants to wake up drenched in sweat. For tips and products that can help you become a cool sleeper, read more.

Does your partner snore?

If you’re prone to sawing logs when you want to be sleeping soundlessly, we’ve got several possible snorelutions. Read more.