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New data shows that our habits and routines really do affect the way we sleep at night, and that good sleep hygiene means better sleep.
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Learn how an astronaut, a news anchor, a pro gamer, and others use sleep to fuel their successes.
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Watch all 3 episodes now as Chris experiences sleep in extreme environments.
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Unjunk Your Sleep with the most accurate wearable-free tracker outside of a sleep lab.
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Two people reading newspapers in bed. Text reads: Sleep News, Week of March 24, 2023
What coffee really does to sleep...
A young woman sitting on her couch holding a thermometer in one hand and her phone in the other.
Extra rest can help with recovery from illness, whether you have a cold, the flu, or another virus. Here’s how sleep helps your immune system bounce back when you’re sick.
Smiling man wearing wireless in-ear headphones while relaxing in bed with eyes closed
Similar to yoga nidra and sleep hypnosis, NSDR helps put you in a meditative state of deep rest and relaxation.
A cream colored teddy bear on a white chair.
Finding comfort in an inanimate object isn’t just for kids.
A dad with his two children snuggling up in bed together. There are illustrations around their beds symbolizing different bedtime stories.
From secret missions to daring adventures, coming up with a bedtime story isn’t as hard as you think. John Fox gives us his best tips for ditching your favorite bedtime book and coming up with your own storyline.
A couple sleeping next to each other. The woman is sleeping with her mouth open.
Waking up exhausted? Mouth breathing may be the culprit. Read on to find out how repeated mouth breathing during sleep can put one at higher risk for health challenges.
A woman covering her face with blanket
No one wants to be tossing and turning unable to sleep at night. If you struggle with insomnia check out some of these treatment suggestions.
Person laying in bed, getting ready to winddown and sleep for 7 to 8 hours
The average adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep, but that’s just a guideline. Here’s how to tell how many hours you really need.
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Overhead view of a couple sleeping at opposite ends of the bed.

Do you wake up in pain?

We spoke to experts about what to do when pain makes sleep feels elusive. Hint? It comes with giving yourself a break. Read more.

Is your mattress uncomfortable?

The average mattress lasts about 8 years, but there are many other signs of comfort and cleanliness to look out for when deciding whether you need to replace yours. Read more.

Do you get hot flashes or night sweats?

No one wants to wake up drenched in sweat. For tips and products that can help you become a cool sleeper, read more.

Does your partner snore?

If you’re prone to sawing logs when you want to be sleeping soundlessly, we’ve got several possible snorelutions. Read more.