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From locations tips to gear recommendations, we asked camping and backpacking experts for their best tips. 
Empty bed outdoor on a starry night
Summer breezes can bring mosquitoes and biting flies, especially if you’re camping. Don’t let that annoying buzz stop you from trying to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Here are the best ways to prevent bug bites at night.
Friends camping in forest and sitting by campfire by a camper van.
What to know about hitting the road — and hitting the hay — in an RV or camper van, plus what to bring along for the ride.
Autumn scenery near the small village of Woodstock, Vermont. Photo taken along a rural country road in Vermont during the peak autumn foliage season. Vermont's beautiful fall foliage ranks with the best in New England bringing out some of the most colorful foliage in the United States.
Whether you’re looking for leisurely leaf peeping or trying to find the best cider mill, we’ve got you covered. Check out travel experts' favorite sleepy towns for fall.
Two people sitting inside a tent enjoying a view of some mountains. The people are behind the view of the camera, with only their feet in the frame.
Research shows that spending time outside can help reset your sleep cycles. Here's why you should get outside, or five easy ways to mimic camping conditions at home.
Woman taking in the view at sunset from the roof of her camper van.
Your road trip shouldn’t be a snooze. Here’s how to pace each leg of the journey and tips for when to let passengers nod off.
Man sleeping on the plane with a neck pillow and windows open

1. Adjust your sleep schedule before you land

Shift your sleep and wake times closer to the time of your destination by 30-minute increments before you travel.

2. Wind down early on your first night of arrival

It's easy to get caught up in conversations or experiences, but your first night could set the tone for how you sleep during your travels. Don't stay up late.

3. Keep exercise in your plans

Whether it's long walks or bike rides, plan for movement during your travels. As long as it's not right before bedtime, exercise can help with sleep.

4. Be OK with less sleep

Don't get too worked up about your shifting sleep schedule if you're traveling for fun. Enjoy the moment and memories you're making.
How to sleep well anywhere
Pack these sleep tips into your memory to combat restless nights away from home.
How to sleep in a van and wake up feeling fantastic
It’s possible to sleep well on the road. Here’s how to make your camper van bed a place you look forward to spending time.
Woman sitting up in bed on a camper van mattress
Ensuring exceptional slumber is a key component to enjoying life on the open road.
Woman sitting in camper van bed by beach.
These camper van bed designs are optimized for adventure and comfort. (And for sharing cool pics on Instagram.)
portrait of musician jackie venson in a studio
For Austin singer, songwriter, and guitarist Jackie Venson, getting enough sleep is the secret to processing the insane ups and downs of the music industry.
Service dogs may help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder sleep better and longer.
A man and a woman in bed at night. The woman has placed her hands over her ears while the man is snoring.
If you have a loved one who snores you know how difficult it can be to sleep in the same room. We tested out 5 snoring blockers to help you get the restful sleep that doesn't involve smothering your loved one with their pillow.
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