Sleeping Around with Dr. Chris Winter |
Premieres July 6

Adventures with the most unusual sleepers on the planet

Your favorite live musicians, the athletes who astound you, and the frontline workers who risk their lives to keep us safe all have one big thing in common: achieving their best despite less-than-ideal sleep. To overcome difficult schedules and conditions, they’ve developed amazing ways to rest. Now, sleep neurologist Dr. Chris Winter sets out on a wild adventure to live, work, and sleep alongside rockstars, rock climbers, and fire fighters, showing us how they excel despite having unusual routines. Join Chris as he bounces along in a tour bus, hangs off the face of a mountain, or abruptly awakens to alarms at 1 a.m. You’ll learn a thing or two along the way about how you can get great sleep too, no matter where you snooze.

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