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What can interfere with my sleep recording throughout the night?
The most common types of interference are related to your phone and other electronic devices in your sleep environment. The app performs an interference check at the start of each sleep session and will tell you the next morning whether it identifies any of these issues.

Your phone

  • Incorrect phone setup and positioning; watch our video for a quick refresher  
  • A phone case that blocks your microphone and/or speakers 
  • Speakers and microphones that don’t work properly 
  • Unplugging your phone during your sleep session 
  • Significant phone usage during your sleep session 

Electronic devices

  • Sound interference from sound machines, fans, TVs, stereos, and other noisy electronic devices positioned less than 3 to 6 feet from your phone 
  • Another app being used in the room 

Electronic devices should not cause interference if they are set to a low volume and positioned at least 3 to 6 feet from your phone. However, we suggest turning off any devices that may make sounds throughout the night to ensure the best results.