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What should I do if my sleep record shows periods of no signal?
If your sleep record shows periods of no signal, start by exploring these common issues:

  • Is your phone positioned incorrectly? Watch this video for a quick how-to.  
  • Is there any sound interference in your sleep environment? If you have sound machines, fans, TV, stereos, and/or noisy electronics in your room, try positioning them at least 3 to 6 feet from your phone and lowering their volume.    
  • Is your phone case blocking your microphone or speakers? If so, try removing your case before starting your next sleep session.  
  • Are your speakers and microphone malfunctioning? Ensure they’re working properly before starting your sleep session. 
  • Is there another app being used in the room? For the most accurate tracking, limit usage to one app per room. 
  • Was your phone unplugged during your tracking session? This automatically pauses our sleep tracking technology. 
  • Did you use your phone a lot during the session? Limit usage to avoid pauses in your sleep tracking. 

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” troubleshoot the issue before your next sleep session to eliminate periods of no signal. The app also performs a daily interference check and notifies you if it identifies any issues.