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What should I do if my SleepScore™ doesn’t seem accurate?
It can take a few nights of consecutive sleep tracking to establish a consistent baseline and begin identifying SleepScore trends. If your SleepScore still doesn’t seem accurate after a few days of using the app, check the following common sources of interference:

  • Phone positioning: Watch this video to ensure you have the correct phone setup. 
  • Electronic devices: Is there any sound interference in your sleep environment? Sound machines, fans, TVs, stereos, and other noisy electronics could cause issues if they’re less than 3 to 6 feet from  your phone or are set to a high volume. For the best results, turn off all electronic devices that emit noise throughout the night.  
  • Microphone and speakers: Make sure your microphone and speakers are functioning and aren’t blocked by your phone case. Otherwise, you could see abnormalities in your sleep tracking data.  
  • Multiple apps: If another app is used in your room, it can cause inaccuracies in your SleepScore. Only use one app per room. 
  • Phone usage: During your sleep session, keep your phone charging and limit its use. If your phone is unplugged and/or frequently used during your session, our tracking technology automatically pauses. This creates an incomplete reading of your sleep duration.  

The app performs an interference check at the start of each sleep session. If it identifies any of the above issues, you’ll receive an automated alert.