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What is the app?
The app, powered by SleepScore™, is the most accurate contact-free way to track your sleep. The app uses patented sonar technology to record your breathing and movements throughout your sleep stages. We combine this analysis with insights from your user profile to create a holistic view of your sleep patterns — and deliver personalized advice to help you Unjunk Your Sleep.

Packed with easy-to-use features, the app empowers you to use your sleep data in productive ways.

  • Sleep Tracker: Non-contact sleep tracking that puts a detailed sleep-cycle analysis at your fingertips   
  • Daily SleepScore: An easy-to-understand score based on six criteria for high-quality sleep   
  • Sleep History: Seven rolling nights of sleep analytics that help you easily spot trends in your SleepScore, breathing rate, and more  
  • Sleep Solutions: Sleep-boosting features such as Smart Alarm, Check Bedroom, Quick Tips, and a content-rich Sleep Library filled with actionable insights 
  • Personalized Recommendations: Tips to improve your sleep, straight from world-leading sleep scientists 

If you’re serious about using better sleep to turbocharge your life, Premium makes optimizing your SleepScore easier than ever. Premium features include:

  • Personalized Sleep Challenges:  Interactive activities that transform small behavioral changes into consistently better sleep 
  • CheckUp: A sleep screener that identifies any concerning patterns in your data  
  • Sleep Report: Comprehensive 30-day sleep report and screener results to easily share with your doctor  
  • Lifetime Sleep History: Lifetime sleep history, trends, and sleep cycle analysis  
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