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How does the app help me improve my sleep?
The app tracks your breathing and body movement as you travel through each sleep stage. This data, combined with the profile and lifestyle information that you provide in the app, unlocks deep insights into your unique sleep patterns and overall sleep health. The result? Actionable, customized advice that helps you sleep better.

The app is home to a series of interactive tools that help you understand how you sleep, all available in the free version. Sleep tracking and your SleepScore are just the beginning. Explore personalized recommendations from world-leading sleep specialists and use the Smart Alarm to wake up at the right time in your sleep cycle. Set goals that help you measure your journey toward better sleep and get product recommendations to optimize your sleep environment. And every step of the way, view your seven-day Sleep History to easily identify trends in your SleepScore, breathing rate, and more.

With a Premium account, you get even more tools to help you sleep better. For less than the cost of one latte per month, participate in subscriber-only Sleep Challenges, explore in-depth data visualizations, and tap into the power of lifetime sleep history analytics. You’ll also have access to CheckUp, a sleep screener that identifies any concerning patterns in your data, and Sleep Report, which provides a 30-day sleep analysis to share with your doctor. If your CheckUp identifies potential sleep disorder risks, that information will also be included in your Sleep Report.