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What features will be available when I participate in the Android Early Access Program?
When you join the Android Early Access Program, you’ll receive access to our wearable-free sleep tracker and all the other features in the app — plus Premium features that amplify your sleep improvement journey:

  • Lifetime Sleep History: Lifetime sleep analytics that help you easily spot long-term trends in your SleepScore, breathing rate, and more   
  • CheckUp: A clinically validated sleep issues screener that identifies concerning patterns in your sleep data  
  • Sleep Report: A comprehensive 30-day sleep-data analysis — including the results of your CheckUp sleep screener — delivered as a PDF for easy sharing with your doctor 
  • Do I Snore: A quick quiz that determines your snoring style and provides personalized solutions to help you sleep better 
  • Personalized Sleep Challenges: Exclusive seven-day challenges that help you transform small lifestyle changes into better sleep  
  • Sleep Coach: A one-on-one consultation with a certified sleep coach who can help you build a customized sleep-improvement plan (available for additional fee) 

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