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What is the Android Early Access Program?
We’re constantly enhancing the app to bring you the best tools for better sleep. When you enroll in the Android Early Access Program, you’ll help us test exclusive new features and add more Android phones to our list of supported devices.

Speakers and microphones vary from one phone to the next. To ensure the app produces the most accurate sleep cycle data, we validate every phone model before adding it to our list of supported devices. With the help of our Early Access Program participants, we can test the app’s sonar technology on more unsupported Android phones at a much faster rate.

If you qualify for the program, you’ll be invited to join once you’ve downloaded and set up the app on your phone. During the program, you’ll have free access to the 20+ features included with Premium — plus new features only available to Early Access Program enrollees. Your app data will be shared with our research team, which will perform thorough testing to determine your phone’s ability to support the app’s technology. Once your program ends after 3 to 6 months, you’ll receive an additional month of Premium as a “thank you” for your participation.

By joining the program, you’re acknowledging that your sleep data might not meet the same level of accuracy as data produced by validated phones.