37 of the Best Holiday Gifts to Help Loved Ones Relax and Get Great Sleep

Make holiday shopping the most relaxing thing you do this year with these favorite gifts for everyone on your list.

A family relaxing and enjoying the holiday season after a good night's rest
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If we've learned anything this year, it's that sleep is high on everyone's wish list.

Hopefully the holidays will be a chance to decompress, rejuvenate, and gather with loved ones to make collective spirits bright.

Our 2022 holiday gift guide includes the makings for a season of relaxation for everyone on your list, including weighted stuffed animals, no-alcohol aperitifs, sleep-themed makeup towels, cheeky needlepoints, and massage guns that soothe tense muscles before bed. As always, we also rounded up a few choice picks to give your loved ones the gift of perfect overnight Zzz’s.

1. Zuri Oversized Faux Fur Heated Throw

Blush faux fur throw on a bed.

The ideal way to cozy up after walking in your winter wonderland, this luxe faux fur throw delivers comforting warmth that adjusts to keep things at your ideal temperature. Sensors on the well-sized throw blanket monitor overall temperature, spot temperatures and the ambient temperature of your room, ensuring a consistent flow of warmth, with a two-hour automatic shutoff for peace of mind.

$155.19 | Find out more

2. GoodNight Bedside Table Lamp

goodnight bedside lamp with led bulb
The GoodNight Bedside Table Lamp uses NASA-patented technology.

Though too much light exposure before bed is considered faux pas in expert sleep circles (doctors, researchers, scientists, etc.), we know it’s more realistic to regulate light than avoid it altogether. For your beloveds who still use harsh overhead lights or blue-light screens for their nighttime activities, hook them up with a GoodNight Bedside Table Lamp.

It uses patented spectrum technology developed by NASA that emits a warm glow, rather than bright fluorescent glares. These warm hues support the body’s natural circadian rhythms and give users a jump on a deep, restful sleep.

$39 | Find out more

3. Figlia Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo

Bottle of red Figlia aperitivo with a glass and can next to it.

Alcohol is a known sleep disruptor, so if you'd like to raise a glass without lowering your loved ones' sleep quality, check out Figlia. The well-spiced, botanical aperitivo has the perfect wintry flavors to be a festive addition to magic hour, without any ABV.

$36 | Find out more

4. Sleepy’s Coconut Bliss Pillow

A white pillow against a gray headboard.

This Sleep Expert® favorite is a spa retreat in pillow form. This soft, supportive memory foam pillow offers head and neck alignment with pressure relief for a better night of sleep. With the light, aromatherapy fragrance of coconut and 3x more airflow than a usual pillow, it’s the next-best thing to a tropical vacation.

$159.99 | Find Out More

5. Luminette Glasses: Light Therapy Glasses for Sleep

Man wearing Luminette light-therapy glasses

The Luminette Glasses can knock out three gifts with one stone. Validated by SleepScore Labs, these portable glasses use light therapy — a process that exposes the retinas to direct light whenever the user needs it to help deliver the go-get-it energy we all need these days, particularly during short, dark, and cold months. And all it takes is 20 minutes a day (whenever the user sees fit), so they can wake up when they need to.

Grab a pair for the giftee on your list who may be down and out from the winter blues, the traveler who struggles with adjusting to jetlag, or the shift worker whose sleep schedule can be at odds with the sun.

$199 | Find out more

6. Weezie Makeup Towels

Two folded blue hand towels with eyelashes embroidered on them.

Self-care is an important part of any wind-down routine, and these darling makeup towels add an element of fun luxury. Made from 100$ organic cotton, the fluffy navy hand towels are ideal for taking off makeup without leaving a stain. They're available for custom monograms, though we can't pass up the drowsy, sleep-inspiring eyelid design.

$40 for two | Find out more

7. Uncommon Goods Terrarium Candle

two candles that resemble terrariums

Bring the coolness of a terrarium into your room without the anxiety of keeping plants alive, thanks to Zoe Tang’s clever, surprisingly realistic hand-poured candles. These Cali-desert-cool soy-based candles also offer a light fragrance: The cactus variety smells like vanilla-pine, and the poppy is scented with jasmine and white tea.

$27 | Find out more

8. Filthy Animal Needlepoint Pillow

Pink needlepoint pillow with a tiger that says "Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal"

Channel one of the best lines from one of the all-time great holiday movies, "Home Alone," in this needlepoint pillow from Furbish Studio. Small enough to spruce up your own bed, a guest bed, or a living room sofa, this cheeky pillow will bring more style to the party than Gus Polinski, the Polka King.

From $108 | Find out more

9. Mattress Firm 600 Adjustable base

Couple in adjustable bed reading together
Mattress Firm

This one will be a game changer for almost anyone on your list, simply because it can be adapted to suit almost scenario in bed. The base can be adjusted to help relieve aches, or set you up in the perfect position to watch TV or read. Favorite positions can be saved to the memory settings. The base also has a massage function for added pre-bed relaxation.

$1,349 for a Queen | Find out more

10. Lucid 2” Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

130450-Lucid Topper

This gel memory foam mattress topper aligns the spine during sleep, thanks to a plush surface that conforms to the curves of the body. That creates an individualized experience that works to keep sleepers comfortable through the night. It also comes with a savvy ventilation system that helps with breathability so the body’s temperature remains comfortably controlled.

$89.99 | Find Out More

11. Sleep Body Oil

Bottle of Indie Lee sleep body oil

Which one of your friends became a plant parent during the pandemic? This chic metal hanging planter has their name on it. Not only will it help free up surface space (so they can bring even more plants in, duh), it will surround the lush green leaves like a frame around a portrait. With colorways like white, black, pink, yellow, and light slate gray, this planter will fit in with almost any bedroom décor while still managing to stand out.

$45 | Find out more

12. Spoonk Organic Hemp Acupressure Mat Regular

Spoonk Organic Hemp Accupressure mat in Sage

Accupressure is based on a simple, yet fascinatingly complex concept of “life energy,” which continuously ebbs and flows through different points of the body. Though researchers have argued for a distinction between the three, acupressure shares some similarities to traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese shiatsu. By stimulating increased circulation on problematic areas, the process can help relieve muscle tension and pain, as well as deliver head, neck, or back massages before bed.

It can also be stepped on for a reflexology foot massage, just so long as the user is wearing socks. Once the giftee has reached their optimal level of relaxation, they can climb into bed and drift off to dreamland. It’s the perfect gift for the person on your list who isn’t ready to dive completely into the world of alternative medicine, but is willing to dip in a toe.

$51 | Find out more

13. Hugimal

A stuffed elephant on a gray couch.

Hugimals are equal parts cuddly stuffies and weighted comfort animals. Available in four adorable named animals, We can’t think of one person who wouldn’t appreciate a new set of bedding. Materially, it helps make up the foundation of a good night’s rest. Aesthetically, it can be the palate on which we design the sleep sanctuary of our dreams.

$64 | Find out more

14. ASTI Sound+ Sleep Mini Sound Machine

ASTI Sound+Sleep - SE Special Edition Sleep Sound Machine

Bring tranquility wherever you go — this travel-sized battery-powered sound machine produces 48 different environments to mask ambient noise and allow you to relax into sleep.

$57.80 | Find out more

15. Purple Royal Seat Cushion

123018- purple cushion.png

The way you spend your days affects how you sleep at night, and if your loved ones are hunched over in an uncomfortable chair, you can bet that discomfort will rear up for them in bed. The Royal Purple® Seat Cushion is ideal for adding support and comfort to an office chair, car seat or wherever they sit each day.

$74.25 | Find out more

16. Deeps Sleep Patches

Sleep patch on an arm reaching into the sky

The ideal stocking stuffer for travelers or the sleep-deprived, these wearable patches deliver melatonin, adaptogens, and CBD as a peel-and-stick sleep helper that’s ideally applied to your wrist before bed.

$29 for 5 | Find out more

17. Sleepy's Curve 12" Plush Memory Foam Mattress

Curve 12" Plush Memory Foam Mattress

Give the gift of supportive sleep with the Sleepy’s Curve mattress. Featuring 12” of foam for exceptional coziness and pressure relief, this plush memory foam mattress includes gel-infused foam, supporting memory foam and a bit of charcoal for temperature control, all wrapped in an ultra-soft knitted cover.

From $699.99 | Find out more

18. Manta Sound Sleep Mask

manta sleep mask with blue headphones and red eye cups

When you can’t keep your sleep space perfectly dark, the next-best option is a quality blackout sleep mask. Manta’s is among the best for its cushioned eye cups, which don’t add pressure to your eyes while you sleep. The Sound mask adds an additional element of sleep assistance with its Bluetooth headphonees, which can block sounds for up to 20 hours.

$159 | Find out more

19. Purl Soho Learn to Knit Kit

The Learn to Knit Kit is the perfect gift for sleep and relaxation.
Purl Soho

The wind-down process before bed is both physical and mental. Help your giftee satisfy both planes with this soothing mental activity that produces something tangible at the same time.

The Learn to Knit Kit is perfect for beginners and dabblers who either need or want some hand holding, and for others who might enjoy a low stakes project that won’t require too much brain power before bed. This time next year, they may even gift you with a hand-knitted scarf.

$79 | Find out more

20. Sparoom Colossal App-Enabled Essential Oil Diffuser

Globe-like white diffuser machine with a small essential oil bottle.

Preparing for bed should be a full sensory experience. If you know someone who needs a little sensory slow down, this diffuser and oil set is set to unlock that desire before bed. This well-sized option can cover 200 square feet over 10 hours.

$38.24 | Find out more

21. Theragun Mini Percussive Therapy Massager

Theragun Mini Percussive Therapy Massager

Sleep and relaxation are, quite literally, the dream team. But for some, the two may be more of a domino effect. This compact version of the beloved Theragun massage tool can come along on the road or tuck into a nightstand. The company's app allows for a pre-sleep massage protocol to melt away tension and bring on good sleep.

It could be an especially nice gift for the athlete or gamer in your life.

$199 | Find out more

22. Satin Lined Cap by Gace Eleyae

A woman sleeping in her SLAP satin lined cap. A great gift for good sleep.
Grace Eleyae

Self-care means different things to different people. Those who include their hair in their self-care routines will appreciate unwrapping one of these satin lined caps this holiday season. The stylish but functional caps help the hair retain moisture while protecting the strands from breakage overnight. It’s also cute enough for them to wear on their early morning coffee run the next day.

From $13 | Find out more

23. Rhytsing LED Candles with Remote

LED candles for stress relief and relaxation.

This is a great gift someone who loves the ambiance of a dimly lit room but may not always remember to extinguish the flame before bed. It’s also a good fit for folks who are picky about scents, or if they’re happy with their essential oil diffuser. These come with both a timer and remote, but you may want to throw a bow on a pack of batteries, too.

$19.99 | Find out more

24. Serta Perfect Sleeper® Charlotte 11.5" Medium Plush Mattress


The Charlotte offers a medium level of firmness in a hybrid mattress that features several layers of comfortable support great for all sleepers and especially good for children and teens (It's one of our top mattresses for kids.). Cooling elements from Serta’s Cool Twist® Gel Foam help with breathability and all-night temperature regulation. Individually wrapped coils provide support where it’s needed, and minimize pressure points from developing on the hips or shoulders.

From $449.99 for a twin | Find out more

25. Moi Ether Dream Journal

A dream journal, which would make a great holiday gift for better sleep.
Magic of I

Sometimes our trips to dreamland are so vivid we have to document all the twists and turns we took on the journey. Give the gift of reflection this year with a dream journal that your recipient can keep on the nightstand. It also comes with “A Guide to Dreaming” and inspirational prompts to help writers burst through any blocks.

$37 | Find out more

26. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt® Pro + Cooling Pillow

TEMPUR-Adapt Pro Cooling Pillow gift for hummingbird chronotype.

The right pillow can do wonders for your sleep, and many of the people on your list are likely laying their heads on years-old bricks, rather than the cooling, supportive pillow they deserve.

The Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt® Pro + Cooling Pillow is available in 3 lofts based on your sleep position, with custom microcushions to further personalize your support, all while keeping you cool each night.

$179 | Find out more

27. Sanidika Mobile Phone Jail

Phones locked in a mobile phone jail for better sleep.
Sanidika Store

A jail for your cell sounds like a novelty gift item... but this one quickly crosses into practical territory. Everyone who has a hard time cutting out cellphone use before bed yes, even Grandma and Gramps may find this useful. Help them start their wind-down routine by carting one of their biggest distractors off to the clink.

$13.98 | Find out more

28. BlanQuil Weighted Blanket


For the one person in your life who you know loves their weighted blanket so much you’re not sure how they’ll sleep without it, this is the gift for them.

Help them take the good vibes on-the-go with this popular 20-pound weighted blanket.

$169 | Find Out More

29. Uncommon Goods Mindful Breathing Necklace

Mindful breathing necklace for an anti-anxiety holiday gift.
Uncommon Goods

Fidget jewelry is emerging as a low-fi (and fashionable!) anti-anxiety tool. Help the giftee in your life shine-up their arsenal with this mindful breathing necklace, inspired by breath techniques of Japanese Komusō monks. The result is a subtle and practical piece that brings a little mindfulness to the day or night.

From $85 | Find out more

30. National Park Pass

A national park pass holiday gift for stress relief and anti anxiety.
United States Geological Survey Store

Don’t sleep on the value of nature for full mind-body restoration! This annual pass is the perfect gift for the nature lover in your life, as it gives them a chance to burn their energy in a beautiful, natural environment — or sneak out into some of the darkest skies in the country — before hitting the hay.

They’ll get access to more than 2,000 recreation areas, with all of the proceeds being used to improve and enhance visitor recreation services. And it comes with its own plus one (or several). Each annual pass can have up to two “owners,” and children under 16 are always free.

$80 | Find out more

31. Ember Smart Travel Mug

An Ember travel mug to get for the stressed out person in your life.

Tea can be an excellent addition to an evening wind-down routine or a morning gratitude practice. Help them hold on to some of that magic throughout the morning with a tech-infused travel mug that will keep their tea as warm as it was at the first sip.

It also comes with an app that allows them to customize presets for their favorite drinks, notifies users when the desired temperature is reached, and has a 360-degree top so it can be sipped from any side. Your on-the-go giftee won’t know how they lived without this.

$199.95 | Find Out More

32. Yellow Leaf Hammock

Silhouette of a colorful hammock of turquoise, pink, black, tan and brown.

Those looking to swing into a bit of relaxation might appreciate a soft, comfortable hammock this year. Yellow Leaf Hammocks are comfortable, stylish, and durable. Even better, they're sustainably woven by craftswomen in the Mlabri Tribe of Northern Thailand, helping to pay these women living wages to support them and their families and communities.

This version is the classic, which is ideal for outdoor naps, but there are also indoor use and hanging chairs to add boho style to any space.

$199 | Find out more

33. Sleepy's REACTEX Pillow

Reactex pillow for rest, stress relief, and relaxation.
Mattress Firm

Hosting a loved one this year? Make their bed up with this down alternative pillow — perfect for all styles of sleepers — and wait for them to come down the next morning raving about how cool it kept them through the night. It pulls heat from the surface and self-recharges so they get the full experience throughout their visit. To top it off? Tell them it’s theirs at the end of the stay.

$119.99 | Find Out More

34. Punch Line Puzzle by Piecework

puzzle pieces on a red background

Hard partying can disrupt even the soundest sleeper's night. Take things down a notch with this party-themed puzzle. The kitschy 1000-piece design captures a raucous retro party scene, for fun that won't keep you awake at 3 a.m.

$19 | Find out more

35. tulo 6” Memory Foam Lavender Mattress


Gifting a mattress is a big gift that a loved one can truly sink into at night. This well-priced option by tulo is a lavender-infused memory foam pick that offers support and stress-relief for all the senses. If the loved one you have in mind is a back or stomach sleeper, this is the option for them. Thanks to the mattress’ firmer feel, they’ll go to bed with their spine aligned, joints relaxed, and body comfy.

From $184.99 | Find out more

36. DIY Linen Spray

Bedside table with DIY linen spray for better sleep and rest.
Caylin Harris

Is “acts of service” their love language? If so, they might appreciate your whipping up a gift that gives both an air of luxury and utility.

Check out these easy steps for making a DIY linen spray in your recipient's favorite scent. You can even customize a combination that will go a long way in addressing their specific sleep challenges.

Ingredient Prices Vary | Find out more

37. Artifact Uprising Wood Block & Prints

Wood block and prints, a great holiday gift for sleep and relaxation.
Artifact Uprising

Stop and savor the memories with this analog art display from Artifact Uprising. For the family member or beloved friend whose aesthetic is a combination of modern and well-loved, this photo and display bundle answers the call of nostalgia. The stunning wooden block is handcrafted from mountain beetle pine, which features a unique gray-blue tone.

Surprise them by choosing up to 12 photos from your favorite memories together. This display block complements the photos, which are printed on textured paper and makes for easy rotation so they can spotlight their favorite photo, like a monthly calendar.

$22 | Find out more