Gifts for the Early Bird, the Night Owl, and Everyone In Between

What to get for each person on your list, no matter what time of day they soar.

A couple enjoying holiday morning coffee before opening chronotype based gifts.
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Shopping for the night owl in your life this holiday season? Don’t forget to grab something for your afternoon eagle and mid-morning hummingbird, too!

Though many of us are familiar with the terms “night owl” and “early bird,” there’s a whole spectrum of chronotypes — aka sleep preferences that are pre-determined by genetics and circadian rhythms — that can help us understand how an individual’s energy ebbs and flows throughout the day. Ever notice how certain people hit their stride at the same time each day? That’s their chronotype. And knowing your chronotype could be the key to optimizing your days and getting better sleep at night. It can also guide your gift-giving this holiday season, too.

Whether you’re shopping for the early-morning lark or the evening heron, our list below has the best gifts for every loved one in the nest.

For the early-morning lark

Your introverted go-getter

  • Attends online workouts.
  • Uses noise-cancelling headphones to get work done.
  • Enjoys a pour-over coffee during morning strategy sessions.

This chronotype likes to keep an air of mystery about them. Not to be dramatic, but they’re basically the living embodiment of that ethereal transition from moon-swept sky to the soft glow of daybreak. There’s a contemplative yet limitless quality about that time of day, just like our introverted but ambitious larks. They’re go-getters, sure, but they like to keep their moves as silent as city streets before rush hour. If you give them a gift that shows you’re paying attention to the way they move, they might show you a little more of their world.

Terrafuse Deluxe Diffuser and Oil Set

Terrafuse oil diffuser gift for sleep and relaxation.

No matter how enigmatic your early-morning lark may be, they doomscroll just like the rest of us. But they may not give themselves as much grace as the rest of our chronotypes when gentle procrastination becomes snowballing insomnia.

Gift them this Terrafuse Deluxe Diffuser and Oil Set. Calming the senses with aromatherapy will be a good reminder to move into relaxation mode before bed.

$63.96 | Find Out More

P-volve Streaming Membership

A P.volve streaming membership for the early-morning lark chronotype.

The P.volve method might be tailor-made for the early-morning lark. These workouts aim to make the body more efficient by tightening up the basics (like posture, stability, and balance). All without having to chirp at any of the other birds in the coop (or on the neighboring treadmill)? Sign them up!

From $25 | Find Out More

Sony Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

Sony noise cancelling earbuds for the early-morning lark chronotype.

Our lil’ larks don’t want to hear about other people’s insights first thing in the morning. They’re more tapped in to their inner voice and creativity in the wee hours, so anything that distracts from that will have to wait.

Grab them a pair of these Sony WF-1000XM4 Earbuds, which come with wireless charging and speak-to-chat technology that automatically lowers the volume during conversations. When they’re ready to talk, they’ll be singing your praises.

$249.99 | Find Out More

Theo Slow Brew Coffee Maker

Theo Slow Brew Coffee Maker gift for the early-morning lark chronotype

For the early morning lark, the best company in the morning is often a warm cup of coffee. Consider it their silent partner as they work through bright (and early) ideas or strategize on how to best win the day. This stoneware coffee maker with a bamboo lid is a chic yet sturdy companion as they work through their thoughts.

$80 | Find Out More

tulo Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress

Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress gift for the early-morning lark chronotype.
Mattress Firm

If your morning lark shares a bed with someone whose sleep positions are just night and day, a bamboo memory foam mattress will be a great tool in their sleep hygiene toolkit. They’ll be able to get the rest they need, as the contouring technology can accommodate different sleep habits and positions without disturbing their partner.

From $199.99 | Find Out More

For the hummingbird

Your perky, sociable chatterbox

  • Joins the earliest group class at the studio.
  • Makes green juices to bring on the go.
  • Knows the latest Tik Tok dances.
  • Plans detailed vacation itineraries and makes sure everyone is on schedule.

You love them, you hate them, your morning social media scroll would be a snooze fest without them. Our hummingbirds are up, posting, and happy to drag the rest of us into the bustle of the world along with them, even if it’s just bringing the whole gaggle together on group texts. Hook them up with a holiday gift that shows how much you appreciate that buzz each morning.

Blanquil Passport Travel Weighted Blanket

Blanquil travel passport weighted blanket for hummingbird chronotypes.

It can be hard keeping a rowdy flock together on group vacations, but hummingbirds handle it with ease. At least, that’s how it looks. Help them create an on-the-go sleep sanctuary with this Blanquil Passport Travel Weighted Blanket. It has all the qualities of the premium version, but it's engineered for easy packing and portability. It’ll help them get the rest they need to manage a full day of sightseeing and group photo-ops.

$99 | Find Out More

Class Pass Gift Certificate

Group workout class for the hummingbird chronotype.
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Not only will the hummingbird meet you for a 7 a.m. gym class, they’ll save you a seat on the stationary bike. Gift them a ClassPass gift certificate, which gives your hummingbird access to top-rated boutique fitness studios. Help them start their day with the burst of energy they crave.

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Anker Waterproof Speaker

Anker waterproof shower speaker for the hummingbird chronotype

If any of our choronotypes were to wake up with a song in their heart, it would be the hummingbird. Help them install this Bluetooth speaker in the shower so they can harmonize to their heart’s content. Want to go above and beyond? Curate a get-up-and-go playlist and send it to their phone after they’ve thanked you for the gift.

$43.99 | Find Out More

CapaBunga Market Tote

Capabunga market tote for the hummingbird chronotype.

Hummingbirds can sustain high, active energy throughout the day, making them the ideal partner for running weekend errands or taking on craft projects. So if what they need is something chic to carry all their finds in, this multi-pocket Canvas Market Tote answers that call.

It’s a got a nook and cranny for everything they’ll need to pick up at the farmer’s market or the hobby store, while serving as an eye-catching accessory for their social posts.

$50 | Find Out More

TEMPUR-Adapt® Pro + Cooling Pillow

TEMPUR-Adapt Pro Cooling Pillow gift for hummingbird chronotype.

Help your hummingbird create the perfect nighttime nest with this cooling pillow that adapts to the changes our bodies go through overnight, including body temperature and sleep position. People with hummingbird chronotypes are highly active and energetic throughout the day, so they benefit from something that will help keep them even and regulated at night.

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For the afternoon eagle

Your classic daydreamer

  • Has tried every alt-coffee beverage.
  • Knows where to get the best ramen and street tacos in town.
  • Needs to be reminded of tasks and plans.
  • Takes photos on their midday wandering excursions.

The afternoon eagle is a classic daydreamer — curious about life, but in no rush to have it all figured out. They know that as long as they stay present for the journey, they’ll find the answers along the way. They may be hard to pin down for a date, but they’re worth the chase, as they always have great stories.

Dinner on You from Caviar

A Caviar app gift card for afternoon eagle chronotypes.

Cooking takes a certain amount of patience and discipline, and our afternoon eagles would rather not be tied to the stove. But given their penchant for following their nose and appetite, they know exactly which spot is cooking up something Top Chef-worthy.

Slide them a gift card from Caviar – which specializes in premium local restaurants – and let them enjoy something new. Maybe even with you?

Prices vary | Find Out More

Hatch Smart Alarm Clock

Hatch Alarm Clock for the afternoon eagle chronotype

Sick of your afternoon eagle being the last one to soar in for your plans? Go easy on them – they just aren’t early birds.

Help them stay on track by gifting them a smart alarm clock that will not only help them keep track of daily tasks, but also establish a consistent wind down routine before bed. Users can personalize their sleep-wake routines, while the other features allow them to use sound, light, and design effects to make their bedroom just as interesting as the outside world.

$129.99 | Find Out More

Vintage Car Rental Experience from Vinty

Vinty vintage car rental gift for afternoon eagle chronotype.
Getty Images

Whether it’s by plane, train, automobile, or foot, afternoon eagles love to wander. Make one of those trips even more special by gifting them with a jaunt around town in a vintage ride. With options like a 1965 Ford Ranchero, a 1968 Buick Skylark, or even a classic wooden ski boat, the afternoon eagle on your list will ride off in style.

From $50 | Find Out More

Kodak Dock Plus Instant Photo Printer

Kodak Instant Photo Printer gift for the afternoon eagle chronotype.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that afternoon eagles have quite the eagle eye. Spotting unique items, or even finding interest in run-of-the-mill things, just comes naturally.

Grab them an instant photo printer that will help them showcase that eye for beauty. Photos can be printed via Bluetooth using a connected app on their phone.

$139.99 | Find Out More

Beautyrest PressureSmart 14.75" Plush Pillow Top Mattress

Beautyrest Pressuresmart pillow top mattress gift for sleep and relaxation.
Mattress Firm

Dreaming is one of the things afternoon eagles do best. Help them dream in comfort with a cloud-like Beautyrest PressureSmart mattress. The plush pillow top is blissfully comfortable, and the memory foam is designed to give ultimate pressure point relief while providing flexible support for the whole body.

From $1,499.99 | Find Out More

For the evening heron

Your organized friend

  • Loves paper goods.
  • Enjoys a stimulating one-on-one conversation over drinks.
  • Tech enthusiast.
  • Likes everything in its place.

Evening herons have always made the mature decision. They’re the organized buddy who reads many reviews before making a purchase, and stays current on the latest news and technology.

All of that efficiency is probably due to the fact that evening herons get another surge of energy at night, so it’s almost as if they get a second wind every single day. Choose a gift that will help them stay sharp and make the most of those surges.

Open Sea Design Co. Notebook Planner

Open Sea Design Co notebook planner for the evening heron chronotype.
Open Sea Design Co.

The evening heron is often instinctually more organized, but don’t let that fool you they'd be nothing without their planners. You can never go wrong with gifting them a detailed planner that helps keep their thoughts in order.

This one is laid out by week, with a column for making bullet points and notes. It has a cool design, too, that seems tailor-made for nightly jotting.

$24 | Find Out More

Early Bird Puzzle by Piecework

Piecework puzzle for the evening heron chronotype.

When they aren’t holding forth as the center of conversation at a dinner party, they’re probably entertaining themselves with some sort of solitary activity at home. A puzzle would be a great gift – not only is it a blue-light-free activity before bed, but it can be an interesting conversation and design piece in their room. Especially one that looks as decadent as this one.

$36 | Find Out More

Dreampad Pillow with Music & Sleep Technology

Evening herons love the latest and greatest in tech. They’re pioneers in a sense, hot on the trails of the latest disruption to whatever may be considered the norm. Here’s a piece for their consideration: A Dreampad support pillow with music and sleep technology. Managed via a mobile app, it’ll play your giftee’s choice of music and deliver gentle, restful vibrations that won’t disturb their partner.

$149 | Find Out More

Kate McLeod Sleep Stone

Sleep stone gift for evening heron chronotype.
Kate McLeod

Help the evening heron in your life find serenity before bed with this chic and calming alternative to lotion. The sleep stone both moisturizes and delivers a dose of sleep-supporting essential oils to calm them down before bed.

$45 | Find Out More

600 Adjustable Base from Mattress Firm


The evening heron is all about options. They can get a lot of their heavy work done in the morning, or, if they choose, at night. That relative fluidity can extend to their sleep space as well. Help them choose whatever is best in that moment by gifting them an adjustable base bed.

Let them sleep in zero g, prop themselves to read in comfort, or enjoy a therapeutic pre-sleep massage.

$1,699 | Find Out More

Night Owl

Your hygge master

  • Really into cozy vibes.
  • Wants to unravel the mysteries of the universe at 11 p.m.
  • Would appreciate unique bedroom furniture.

Just because they are closely associated with nighttime, doesn’t mean they’re lazing round all evening. After dark is when the night owl’s most creative energy kicks in. But still, they want the mood to match the moment. Get them a gift that’ll help them make the most of those midnight hours.

Sheex Joggers

Man wearing a black pair of Sheex Modern Men's Joggers
Photo Credit: Sheex

A set of sweats that feel like sheets? Sign them up now! Your night owl will love the feeling of these Sheex joggers as they futz around in the wee hours with their creative projects. Consider it hygge-approved house wear.

These joggers are also both breathable and moisture wicking, which makes them perfect for temperature changes as the moon makes way for the sun.

$74.99 (women’s) | Find Out More
$79.99 (men’s) | Find Out More

Dark Rose + Plum Standrd Candle

Standrd Uniform candle for sleep and relaxation.

Night owls are all about setting the mood. Dark skies spark creativity. Help light their nights: The scent of this sultry dark rose + plum candle will go a long way in setting the tone.

$42 | Find Out More

Infinity Shiatsu Cordless Neck and Back Massager with Heat

Infinity Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager With Heat
Photo: Infinity

Just because our night owls blur the lines between day and night doesn’t mean they can skip on their wind-down routine. Luckily, this neck and back massager is hands-free, so they can squeeze in more than one activity at a time before bed, all with a heating touch to relax their neck, shoulders, and back.

$67.99 | Find Out More

Color Me To Sleep: Nearly 100 Coloring Template to Promote Relaxation and Restful Sleep

Color Me to Sleep Coloring Book for sleep and relaxation.
Color Me To Sleep

Sometimes night owls are just vibing through the midnight oil instead of burning it. For the friend who loves to share their far-out trains of thoughts and their dreams, gift them this Color Me to Sleep book.

Rather than slipping into doomscrolling anxieties, this coloring book will help channel that magical thinking into something that’s both sleep-inducing and imaginative.

$22.99 | Find Out More

Hanging Hammock Chair

hanging hammock chair on a deck

For someone who gets going later in the evening and likely spends a good amount of time in their bedroom, it only makes sense to make the space comfortable and interesting. This hanging hammock chair allows them a change of scenery without even leaving their room. The cradle design makes it a comfy place to read, meditate, color, or simply muse.

$79.99 | Find Out More

blissy Pure Silk 4PC Dream Set


The thing about night owls is that they sometimes accept, too quickly, that sleepless nights are part of their calling. Let them know with this blissy sleep set, which contains high quality silk pillowcase, sleep mask, and hair scrunchies for all hair types.

This particular set is also cooling (for those midnight oil burns), hypo-allergenic, and eco-friendly. What a great reminder for these night owls to enjoy sleep as a comfort activity in itself.

$169.95 | Find Out More