10 Best Cooling Products to Help Hot Sleepers Relax

The top mattresses, pillows, sheets, and other products to keep you cool on hot nights.

Woman sleeping without covers because her mattress is cooling
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If you’ve ever woken up at 3 a.m. drenched in sweat, you know how frustrating and uncomfortable it is to overheat while sleeping. The reason why people wake up way too hot can include anything from taking certain medications to sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t breathe to simply trying to sleep in a heat wave.

Whether you live in a hot climate or you just naturally sleep too hot, here are some of the best sleep products to keep you cool and comfortable so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

Does your mattress breathe?

A key factor in how hot or cool you sleep at night is your mattress. Some mattress can trap excess heat and make you feel warmer, but there are plenty that are designed to allow for maximum airflow, allowing hot air and humidity to escape. If you sleep hot or often wake up soaked in sweat, here are some mattresses that excel in keeping you cool.

1. Lucid 3” Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress

A smart way to sleep cooler at night without investing in a new mattress is by adding a cooling topper to lower the temperature of the surface of your bed. The Lucid 3” Memory Foam topper has a gel infusion that specializes in absorbing excess heat and regulating temperature.

Need more pizazz? How about hundreds of ventilation holes for extra breathability and getting rid of pesky body heat! This cooling topper is also perfect for couples looking to add motion isolation to their mattress so your partner’s movements won’t disturb your precious sleep.

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2. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze° 13” Soft Mattress
Tempur Pedic Luxe Breeze Soft

Bid farewell to waking up sweaty with Tempur-Pedic’s TEMPUR-Luxebreeze°.

Coming in as much as eight degrees cooler than other mattresses, the Luxebreeze is loaded with features to help mitigate overheating at night. Four layers of this mattress are designed to help sleeper stay cool: the cool-to-the-touch cover system, a phase-changing material that absorbs heat, a layer that disperses heat and humidity out of the mattress and a ventilated pressure-relieving foam layer.

With extra breathability and cooling technology, this mattress is ready to lull you into blissfully relaxed sleep on the warmest nights.

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3. Serta iSeries Hybrid 3000 13.5” Medium Mattress
iSeries Hybrid 3000 13.5" Medium Mattress

With a cool-to-the-touch cover that brings an immediate soothing sensation to your skin, the Serta iSeries Hybrid 3000 could be your ticket to restful sleep. But the cooling magic really sets in from the carbon fiber memory foam’s ability to absorb heat, pulling it away from the body.

While the construction of the mattress lends itself to breathability, this mattress also features advanced pressure-relieving memory foam that sits on individually wrapped, 1025-density coils. If you’re a fan of hybrid mattresses and firm cushioning, this is the mattress for you.

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4. Sealy Hybrid Premium Silver Chill 14” Plush Mattress
Sealy Hybrid Premium Silver Chill 14” Plush Mattress

Looking for a new mattress that won’t leave you wondering if you were transported to a humid jungle as soon as you got into bed? One of Sealy’s most popular hybrid mattresses, the Silver Chill Plush, cools you off with its DuoChill Cooling System.

A cover that feels cool to the touch is matched with a phase-changing material on the surface of the memory foam layer. Together, these whisk away any excess heat and humidity, leaving you cool enough to pull the sheets back on.

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Outfit your bed with cooling pillows and sheets

Woman resting on a pillow in silk pajamas to help cool down
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If buying a new mattress isn’t the best option right now, plenty of other bedding accessories can help keep you cool at night. From pillows and sheets to mattress toppers, here are some great bedding options to keep temps at a comfortable level every night.

5. Sealy Cool Touch Pillow
Sealy Cool Touch Pillow

From one of the most trusted mattress brands, Sealy’s Cool Touch Pillow is made with breathable cotton and Eternaloft fill that won’t squish down over time. The cover features Blue Cool technology, designed to instantly feel cool to the touch, which means you can say goodbye to flipping the pillow to the cool side. It also features the added benefit of being machine washable to ensure your bedding is as clean as possible.

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6. Bed Gear Dri-Tec 5.0 Mattress Protector
Bedgear Performance Mattress Protector

A mattress protector is a great way to extend the lifespan of your mattress and ensure that a coffee spill doesn’t stain forever. More than serving as a protector with a waterproof barrier, the Bed Gear DriTec 5.0 Mattress Protector works to wick any moisture away from the body.

You won’t have to worry about it blocking the cooling tech from your mattress either. Thanks to the DriTec material features and channel-weave construction, this mattress protector has great airflow for keeping you cool and dry all night. Protecting your mattress while protecting your sleep? It’s a win-win with the Bed Gear Dri-Tec.

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7. NUE by Novaform Cool Pillow w/ Gel Memory Foam
Nue Cool Pillow with Gel Memory Foam

Memory foam makes for some of the most comfortable and conforming pillows out there, but it also has a reputation for sleeping hot. So how can a memory foam pillow sleep cool? A gel infusion, of course, that’s designed to absorb any excess heat and send it off on its way.

The Novaform Cool Pillow is cool to the touch and has all the features we love in memory foam pillows but focuses on keeping cool through the night. Wake up feeling revitalized every morning instead of sweaty and dehydrated.

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8. Malouf Woven Tencel Sheet
Malouf Woven Tencel Sheet Set

The feeling of settling into cool sheets is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but Malouf’s Woven Tencel Sheets are a special treat. Tencel sheets come with an airy and silk-like feel that comes with exceptional breathability to help avoid overheating at night. Combined, all of these qualities can also help regulate body temperature.

Thanks to the eco-friendly and hypoallergenic fibers, Malouf Tencel Sheets are also ideal for sleepers with sensitive skin or allergies.

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9. Ebb® CoolDrift™ Versa
Ebb® CoolDrift™ Versa. The sleep headband system sits on a wooden nightstand beside a lamp, next to a bed with white sheets.
Photo: Ebb

How good does a cool washcloth to a hot forehead feel? The Ebb CoolDrift takes this idea to the next level. When applied to the forehead, this wearable device uses three cooling pads to help lower your body temperature. Control the level of coolness with the attached remote control, which features five different settings to ensure comfort. Over time, the CoolDrift gets to know your body’s temperature fluctuations and adjusts accordingly to keep you at a comfortable and consistent temp all night long.

With rechargeable batteries, the CoolDrift is perfect for traveling to those tropical destinations and can even help lull you to sleep on planes that feel too hot and stuffy to fall asleep.

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10. PureCare Lux Cooling Bundle with Queen Pillows
Pure Care SoftCell Chill Hybrid Cooling Pillow

The only thing this bundle is missing that could help you sleep cooler is an entire air conditioner. Unboxing this Luxury Cooling Bundle with Queen Pillows from PureCare is like Christmas, both in the sense of emotions and season. There’s no doubt you’ll feel cool in bed with a complete set of a sheets, two pillows, and a mattress protector, all designed to outfit a queen bed with the elements for a cool night’s sleep.

Made of breathable linens, the PureCare Elements Tencel sheet set is silky, airy, and lightweight — ideal for anyone who often wakes up feeling overheated. The queen pillows have a layer of cooling gel and memory foam to resist heat, and the covers are made from a blend of cooling fibers that sleep five times cooler than polyester. Plus, there is a removeable down-alternative pillow insert, so you can adjust the pillow’s height to perfectly fit your sleeping position preference.

Finally, the mattress protector in this bundle is made with a lightweight performance material designed to channel heat away from the body for excellent temperature regulation throughout the night.

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