Mother’s Day Music: 14 Happy Songs that Set the Perfect Mood

Whether you’re celebrating remotely or in person, this upbeat Mother's Day playlist will help make the day more joyful.

Older Woman sitting on couch, listening to mother's day music
10'000 Hours/Getty Images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but nothing can conjure a memory montage the way a feel-good song can. The combination of music and lyrics can evoke pleasant and powerful emotions, often in a way spoken words — and photos — can’t replicate. So think about the most easy-going, celebratory music that reminds you of your mom and multiple those minutes of nostalgia into a playlist. Congrats, you’ve just generated an hour of good moods.

In fact, that’s exactly how social media teammate Riley McDaniel created our collection of Mother's Day music below. “I wanted this to be a feel-good, upbeat, and happy playlist,” says McDaniel. “Mother’s Day is a day of celebration, and I wanted the music to match those feelings.”

Some of the songs feature lyrics that speak to the emotions many of us feel when we think of our moms (joyful, loving, thankful), while others were included for their rosy vibe, kind of like the feeling you get when you realize the sun is here to stay.

Let the songs play in the background while you visit, open presents, or enjoy some homemade raspberry frozen yogurt outside. Or, send the playlist to your mom in advance if you’ll be celebrating remotely this year. Together, these songs offer nearly an hour of free-and-easy music that'll have you and your mom dancing, even if it’s just in your seats.

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