Music for Mother’s Night: 13 Relaxing Songs to Help Mom Rest and Restore

This playlist delivers exactly what mom needs the night before her big day: chill beats, soft vocals, and good vibes.

Feet on bed with white headphones and phone.

Real talk: Moms are exhausted. So unless you help them get some rest and relaxation before their big day, they may not be able to fully enjoy everything you have planned for them.

That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to start pampering the moms and mother figures in their lives on Mother’s Night — the evening before Mother’s Day.

We’re already shared some ideas on how you can encourage your mom (or yourself!) to unwind, but there’s one element missing to unlocking Mom’s reservoir of relaxation: a chill playlist. Don’t worry, we got you.

To help mom create the right ambiance for letting go, Riley McDaniel, a member of the social media team, compiled songs with soft beats, gentle vocals, and sentimental lyrics. Below is your perfect Mother’s Night playlist.

Encourage your mom to press play while she soaks in a bubble bath, sips a soothing tea, or stretches out before bed. Because the only thing better than having extra time to yourself is knowing someone you love cared enough to make it happen.

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