27 Mother’s Day Gifts to Help Mom Rest, Relax, and Restore

Need gift ideas for Mother’s Day? From sleep stones to weighted blankets to forever flowers, these ideas will show mom your appreciation — and treat her to a night (or day) of self-care.

Woman spraying Osea's Vagus Nerve Mist

Remember all those times you stayed out past curfew and made Mom worry? Even if you always made it home on time, your mother has likely had some sleepless nights. After all, being a mom is hard work.

The moms and mother figures in your life deserve not just a celebratory day, but also a good night’s rest the night before Mother’s Day — and every night, for that matter. Which we know is harder said than done.

So we curated this list of 27 gift ideas for Mother's Day to really drop the hint that Mom should get some well-deserved rest. It includes "forever" flowers for the nightstand, as well as gadgets to help them find dream town fast.

Order them sooner, rather than later, to make sure they arrive before Mother’s Day on May 8th.

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1. blissy 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase
blissy 100% mulberry silk pillowcase

Normal cotton pillowcases create friction, which can lead to split ends or tangles, skin irritation, and even wrinkles — hardly the beauty rest your mama’s looking for. Solve those problems with a cool, breathable, hypoallergenic, and blissfully sleek silk pillowcase under her cheek. And don’t forget to give that cheek a kiss on Mother’s Day.

From $79.95 | Find out more

2. Theragun Mini

If you’ve been a figurative pain in your mother’s neck from time to time, you can rectify it now by getting her a gift that eases her literal aches.

The Theragun Mini is compact enough to bring on-the-go, but packs three speeds into its QuietForce Technology, not to mention Theragun's renowned ergonomic grip for ease of use.

$199 | Find out more

3. Sleepy's Supima 600 Thread Count Sheet Set

Looking to give Mom the gift of better bedding? Sleepy's new Supima 600 Thread Count Sheets are soft, durable, and stylish, in 12 vibrant colors, including Ivory, Gray Mist, Dusty Blue, and a chic, muted Violet. Woven with extra-long, 100% cotton fibers, the sheets are both crisp and soft, getting only softer with each wash. As a bonus, the fitted sheet's gripped corners ensure things will stay in place, keeping her bed looking perfect.

From $129.99 | Find out more

4. TEMPUR Body Pillow
Body Pillow Tempur-Pedic

Are you looking for a gift for a soon-to-be mother? This body pillow by Tempur-Pedic will offer much-appreciated support for anyone with a growing baby bump. But it’s also perfect for moms who are committed side-sleepers.

The medium-firm micro cushion material helps support proper spinal alignment for a good night’s sleep reduced aches and pains upon waking.

$175.20 | Find out more

5. Mattress Firm 600 Adjustable Base

If you really want to treat Mom to the ultimate in comfort, an adjustable bed base will do the trick. The Mattress Firm 600 can be positioned to elevate the head for lounging or reading in bed. Or Mom can kick up her feet without having to grab oodles of pillows. Plus, three massage settings boost the bliss factor.

Or go for the TEMPUR Ergo Extend Adjustable Base, which gently, and quietly, tilts Mom’s mattress to an anti-snore position if her bedmate gets a little noisy.

From $1,249.99 | Find out more

6. Sleepy's Graphite Carbon Fiber Pillow

Keep cool on the hottest nights with the Sleepy's Carbon Fiber Pillow. The dual-cooling pillow is supportive and pressure-relieving. Available in low, medium, and high lofts, it can support any sleep style, ensuring great sleep.

Additionally, the pillow is machine-washable and moisture-wicking, making this the ideal headache-free gift.

$69.99 | Find out more

7. Sleepy’s Snug 8” Medium Memory Foam Mattress
Sleepy's Snug 8" Plush Memory Foam Mattress

Give her the gift of sumptuous sleep on the Sleepy’s Snug 8” Medium Memory Foam Mattress. Contour-hugging memory foam is both supportive and temperature-regulating, while charcoal wicks away moisture and keeps the mattress fresh.

Ideal for all sleep styles and adjustable bases, the mattress is tucked into a knit cover for extra comfort.
From $299.99 | Find out more

8. BlanQuil Essence Chamomile Aromatherapy Pillow
BlanQuil Chamomile pillow with yellow interior

Lower-quality memory foam pillows can smell like a chemical plant. Not so with BlanQuil’s aromatherapy pillow. Infused with chamomile essential oil, this pillow smells like Mom’s favorite sleep-time tea. The medium-soft pillow carries the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certification, so you can trust the pillow is free of harmful substances.

From $149 | Find out more

9. Kindle Oasis
Woman reading a Kindle Oasis inthe bathtub
Amazon's Kindle Oasis features an adjustable backlight that can shift the screen shade from white to amber.
Photo Credit: Amazon

Is your mom a bibliophile who loves to read in bed? The Kindle Oasis allows her to shift the paper white screen to a warm amber shade for an eye-soothing effect that won’t inhibit her sleep. Plus, she can pair this e-reader with her Bluetooth headphones for a seamless switch to audio books if she prefers giving her peepers a rest pre-doze.

From $279.99 | Find out more

10. Manta Sleep Mask
Manta Sleep Mask

The Manta Sleep Mask is like a pair of blackout curtains for Mom’s eyes. Ordinary sleep masks bulge or bunch, letting in slivers of light. But Manta cups the eyes without placing pressure on them, creating a hideaway for those peepers. The adjustable mask also fits securely around her head, so it doesn’t budge — no matter Mom’s favorite sleeping position — leaving ample breathing room for the nose.

And your mother will love that it comes with a bag for machine washability.

$35 | Find out more

11. HoomBand Wireless Headphones
Person reaching for Hoom Band on bedside table
Hoom Band

If Mom likes listing to music or a soothing podcast before bed, these headphones are for her. The HoomBand secures ultra-flat earphones in cozy washable fabric that Mom can wrap around her noggin without experiencing discomfort. The band comes with an access card for the HoomBand App, which offers guided meditations and other slumber-promoting sounds.

From $79.90 | Find out more

12. Purecare Tencel Sheets
PureCare Elements Premium Tencel cooling sheets on a made bed in a bedroom.
Spun from raw wood pulp, PureCare's Elements Premium Tencel Sheets are naturally cool to the touch.
Photo Credit: PureCare

What's better than cotton? Breathable fabrics that don't collect last night's hot flashes. If Mom has complained about hot sleep, grab her a full set of sheets made with cooling technology. The PureCare Elements Premium Tencel Sheet Set set will make Mom's bed look hotel-chic, with undeniable comfort and exceptional breathability. Deep-pocketed corners ensure they'll fit any mattress, including those on adjustable bases, and antimicrobial silver chloride keeps them fresh and hypoallergenic.

From $249.99 | Find out more

13. Proper Weighted Blanket

Moms give great hugs. Give her a gift that feels like a hug anytime. Weighted blankets not only feel like a hug, they can help with sleep issues, stress, and fatigue. The Proper Weighted Blanket offers 15 pounds of comforting pressure within a pillow-like casing, giving it pleasant softness.

Even better, the blanket's microbeads are noiseless, so it's great for sleep or burrowing into for an evening reading or watching TV on the sofa.

$69.99 | Find out more

14. Osea Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist
Osea Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist

A pillow mist is the kind of little luxury that conjures spa retreats.

Osea’s version is rooted in science. The vagus nerve is a big component of the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps us relax rather than go into fight-or-flight mode. This nerve can be stimulated through scent, such as the relaxing essential oils of chamomile and lavender in Osea’s pillow mist. A few spritzes, and Mom will Zen out on her way to spa-like snoozeville.

$32 | Find out more

15. The Irie Cup Loose Leaf Deluxe Box
Irie Tea Gift Set
The Irie Cup

A hot cup of tea can be the perfect thing to help your mom chillax before bed. This tea gift set provides a stainless-steel strainer and lid for steeping, a spoon for the perfect scoop, 15 tea filter bags, clover honey and stirrer, and of course your choice of a loose-leaf tea. May we suggest the Sweet Dreams blend?

$50 | Find out more

16. chiliBLANKET
chili weighted Blanket on a burnt orange leather sofa

Although we generally want to lift the weight off Mom’s shoulders, weight might actually be a good gift if it’s in the form of a blanket. Research suggests weighted blankets can be helpful for easing anxiety. And some people swear by them for insomnia.

But the trouble with many weighted blankets is that heft can also add heat and make night sweats worse. Enter the 15-pound chiliBLANKET. It can be purchased with a control unit that pumps cooling water through the blanket’s tubing to keep Mom from overheating.

From $329 | Find out more

17. DOZE Sound Machine and Sleep Therapy Light
DOZE Sound Machine & Sleep Therapy Light

Not naming any names, but does Mom snuggle with a snorer? A sound machine will drown out the noise that distracts her from drifting off. DOZE offers six options, including white noise, fan, stream, ocean, rain, and summer night.

Plus, a pulsing light on the ceiling offers a breath therapy guide for those nights where Mom needs some extra help falling asleep.

$39.99 | Find out more

18. Gaiam Halfmoon Cork Massage Ball Trio
Three GAIAM branded cork balls

Give Mom the gift of cork. No, we’re not talking about popping the bubbly. Although you can do that too for Mother’s Day. These cork massage balls let her work out all the knots at nighttime. She can roll out aching feet with the smaller size or use the two balls of the same size to ease tension along her spine.

$28 | Find out more

19. Healthe by Lighting Science – JOURNI Mobile Task Light

If Mom likes to read, knit, journal or relax with other activities in bed before lights out, treat her to a lamp that won’t hinder her rest. This portable LED light uses patented GoodDay and GoodNight spectrum technologies. At night Mom can enjoy warmer colors rather than blue light, which can impact melatonin levels and affect sleep.

The lamp is portable and rechargeable, so she can take it to any room in the house or on vacation.

$109 | Find out more

20. Dodow Moon Beam Sleep Aid
Dodow Moon Beam Sleep Aid
Uncommon Goods

No more counting sheep on the ceiling for Mom. Instead, she’ll watch a soothing green light that expands and contracts, reminding her to take deep inhales and exhales to its rhythm. Such diaphragmatic breathing is a meditative technique proven to help quash anxiety and boost sleep quality. This disc-like device is about the size of a hockey puck, so it won’t add any stressful clutter.

$60 | Find out more

21. Spoonk Organic Hemp Acupressure Mat
Spoonk Organic Hemp Accupressure mat in Sage

Mom deserves a bed of roses rather than a bed of thorns, but what if a bed of sharp objects brings her relaxation? At first glance, this mat looks like something torturous, but its more than 6,000 acupressure points are designed to help ease muscle tension and pain.

The mat, available in nine colors, is made of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic hemp and cotton, and the points are made of hypoallergenic ABS plastic.

$59.99 | Find out more

22. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser 
Vitruvi Stone Diffuser
Photo Credit: Vitruvi

Get Mom a gift that literally doesn’t stink. While other essential-oil diffusers can add to clutter to a bedroom, the Vitruvi, made of matte ceramic and available in eight earthy colors, looks lovely on a dresser or nightstand.

$123 | Find out more

23. Lunya’s Washable Silk Robe
Lunya Washable Silk Robe Deep Night Color

Wrap your mama in luxury this Mother’s Day with a silk robe that will keep her cool all spring and summer. Don’t worry, Lunya’s bestseller is completely machine washable, so the silk is no hassle for her. Plus, it’s available in a spectrum of sizes and colors.

$278 | Find out more

24. Kate McLeod Sleep Stone
Sleep lotion stone bar by Kate McCleod
Kate McCleod

Give your mom a rock for Mother’s Day without breaking the bank at the jewelry store. The Kate McLeod Sleep Stone is really a luxe lotion bar made of nourishing cocoa butter and the calming essential oils chamomile and lavender. Mom can apply it for a bedtime boost before nodding off. She’ll appreciate that the bar is designated Leaping Bunny cruelty-free and MADE SAFE certified.

$45 | Find out more

25. Oakywood Triple Dock
Oakywood Triple Charging Dock for iPhone, Apple watch, and airpods

Clutter on Mom’s nightstand is no good for her sleep. If she’s a device diva — aren’t we all these days? — get her an aesthetically pleasing docking station to charge her gadgets. The Oakywood Triple Dock, handcrafted in Poland out of solid walnut or oak, offers a spot for her iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods to charge while she, too, recharges.

From $79 | Find out more

26. Ui Mug & Warmer
OHOM UI Warming Mug in Gold

Whether your mom likes tea before tucking in or morning coffee while still under the covers, this warming mug will keep her bedside beverage toasty. A specialized charger uses magnetic induction energy to heat up the mug’s metallic base.

As a bonus, the mugs come in an array of 10 colors, so you can choose one that she's sure to like.

$88 | Find out more

27. Dear Fleurs Petit Rose
Dear Fleurs Rose Gold Petit Rose
Dear Fleurs

Most flowers have a short shelf life, but the petit rose from Dear Fleurs will last for one to three years. It maintains its softness and scent via a Japanese flower-preserving technique. Each petit rose comes in a tiny leather-finished keepsake box, and you can include a 150-character message telling Mom how much she means to you. It’s the perfect gift to wake up to on Mother’s Day.

$45 | Find out more

All prices were accurate at the time of publication.

Wondering how all this helps mom sleep? We got the science of teas for sleep, baths for bedtime, and weighted blankets for anxiety. Plus a plethora of good tips for better sleep that you can take home and share.

Jennifer Chesak is the author of The Psilocybin Handbook for Women: How Magic Mushrooms, Psychedelic Therapy, and Microdosing Can Benefit Your Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health. She is a Nashville-based freelance journalist, editor, fact-checker, and adjunct professor with two decades of experience and a Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University's Medill. Her byline appears in several national publications, and she's a staunch advocate of getting those eight hours of sleep and having breakfast in bed whenever possible. Follow her work on socials @jenchesak.