DIY Pillowcase Ideas to Help You Personalize Your Bedroom Design

From dip-dyed ombre hues to simple embroidery and kid-friendly stamps, here are some artsy ideas to personalize your pillows.

A composite image of DIY pillowcase craft projects to do with kids and families for bedroom decor.

Give your plain pillowcase some personality!

Bedroom design can be a slippery slope of intimidation. After all, we spend a lot of time in our sleep spaces, and want them to look and feel exactly right. When it comes to DIY design, pillowcases are a great place to test your creative energy.

For one thing, a standard white pillowcase is a blank canvas, so there’s a lot you can do to them. And if things don’t turn out the way you’d hoped, they’re also relatively easy to replace, hide, or simply flip to the other side.

For more experienced crafters, they’re an affordable way to let your imagination and artistry run wild. In fact, going the DIY route with your bedroom décor can bestow a sentimental value that makes the pieces priceless, with minimal initial investment. Turning it into a fun project that you do with family or friends could give you the bonus of good bonding time, too.

Don’t get us wrong: The most important thing is to have good, quality sleep gear pillows that are best suited for your head, sheets that cool you down or feel good against your skin, a mattress that supports your sleeping style, etc. but it’s always nice to make them look good, too.

Check out the links below for some of my favorite DIY pillow craft projects I’ve developed that’ll help make your personal sleep palace pop!

Ombre dip-dyed pillowcases

Unlike the whimsical designs of tie-dyeing, dip-dyed fabrics have a more subtle effect that are perfect for designing calm yet creative bedroom décor.
How to Design DIY Ombre Pillowcases for Your Bedroom

Personalized pillowcases with embroidered initials

Claim your pillowcase with a custom embroidered initial or monogram inspired by luxury hotels and high-end linen companies for a look that’s heirloom and timeless, no matter how your style evolves.
How to Embroider an Initial on a Pillowcase

Kid-friendly potato stamped pillowcases

Let your little ones put their literal stamp on their sleep spaces. Turn your kid into a potato Picasso with this easy and fun stamping technique in any shapes they desire.
How to Potato Stamp Designs on a Pillowcase