7 Easy Upgrades To Bring Fall Into Your Bedroom

We rounded up the best fall decorating ideas to make your bedroom feel warm and cozy for the cooler months.

A tray with hot tea, cookies, apple and winter decoration placed on cozy bed.
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Fall is arguably the coziest time of year. We bid adieu to the oppressive summer heat and make way for crisp air, foliage colors, and thick, soft fabrics to keep us warm and comfortable.

But as you switch out your wardrobe and latte flavors, you might want to consider adding autumnal style to your sleeping space.

“It is easy to add elements of coziness to your bedroom to echo the comfort of the season,” says Beau Jones, an Arkansas-based interior designer with The Vibe Interiors. “Fall is also more conducive to sleep because it gets darker sooner, and the cooler weather makes us want to stay home and bundle up with our blankets.”

Luckily for all of us, transitioning a bedroom’s decor from summer to fall is quite simple and, most importantly, inexpensive. Here are Jones’ top seven tips to keep in mind while considering a more seasonally thematic and appropriate look.

1. Paint Your Walls

The quickest and most dramatic adjustment you can make to a living space is painting its walls.

“There’s nothing like giving your bedroom a refresh with a fresh coat of paint on the walls,” confirms Jones. “Painting is not only a cost-effective way to make a bold statement, but it also makes a big statement in any space.”

Opt for deep, rich tones like rust orange, olive and moss greens, and browns, but don’t be afraid to experiment with more moody maroons, grays, and even black.

“The darkness of a black wall can be broken up and balanced with something as simple as framed artwork,” Jones adds.

Painting doesn’t have to mean doing the whole room either — you can change the feel of your room just by experimenting with adding an accent wall or peel-and-stick paper.

2. Switch Out Your Bedding

Aside from swapping lighter linens for something thicker and more hygge — plusher bedding can also be more inviting.

“Adding texture with woven knit blankets across the end of your bed will add a very cozy, warm element to your bedroom,” advises Jones. “Velvet pillows are also a great addition to your bed for the fall season. The material feels and looks very luxurious.”

3. Incorporate Fall Colors

If you haven’t already integrated fall colors through wall paint and bedding, there are plenty of opportunities to add them through decor and accessories.

“Consider incorporating creams, browns, oranges, deep reds, and even navy blue with various knick-knacks and decor pieces,” says Jones. “And don’t be afraid to mix these colors — they all work really well together and will be an effective way to pull off the fall aesthetic.”

Additionally, adding accessories and décor is the easiest and cheapest way to change your room from season to season. You’d be surprised at how much switching out a few pieces here or there can transform the feel of a room.

4. Change Your Rug

“A plush rug is a great way to elevate your space for fall,” suggests Jones. “It adds a certain coziness to the floor and is soft to walk on.”

One must also consider that the fall climate and its associated activities like hiking, apple picking, or jumping into a pile of leaves can and will lead to dirtier homes. “Since it can be rainier and muddier around this time of the year, a dark rug can mask tracking in any footprints in your space,” says Jones.

5. Switch Out Your Curtains or Drapes

You may own the aforementioned sheer and light curtains, but now is the time to pack these up and place them in storage.

“Swap them for thicker materials such as velvet, corduroy, or suede to create a warmer and cozier fall feeling,” advises Jones. “Updating drapes is one of the easiest ways to make a bedroom feel more homey and inviting while blocking out the sun.”

6. Adjust Mood Lighting and Add Candles

Focus less on overhead lighting and more on what you can bring in to create warmer, less intense light sources. Nothing rivals a fireplace when it comes to peak cozy vibes, but if that’s not a realistic bedroom investment, use softly lit lamps and even stringed lights to provide a golden glow.

“These provide a warmth to your room,” says Jones. “Not only can they be strategically placed to highlight certain pieces or areas, but they also cast a moody ambiance that resonates with the more slow-paced time of year.”

Candles are also great for creating a cozy vibe, along with their added bonus of coming in whatever fall scent you’re loving that day. If you’re worried about the open flame, a candle warmer is a great way to enjoy the smell and feel of a candle without the worry, as many of them come with a timer option.

7. Bring in Natural Accents and Accessories That Represent the Season

Pumpkins aren’t just for eating. And while it may seem cliché to bring the gourd into your home as a decorative item, don’t overthink it: Any simple accent with seasonal colors like orange can provide subtle yet eye-catching nods to fall.

“Other ideas include branches in vases, moss-filled decorative bowls, and innovative displays of natural elements like leaves, straw, and sticks to bring the sights and colors of the outside in,” recommends Jones. “These are also easily accessible and free if you just step outside of your home.”

Falling for Fall

An environment that is conducive to sleep should, of course, take top design priority when it comes to your bedroom. But if you don’t want to be stuck with neutral decor that lasts all year, consider these seven tips to quickly, easily, and inexpensively transform your space into a warm and cozy abode that practically begs its inhabitants to read a book, sip cider, and dream of forest hikes to faraway places.