How to Hang Plants in the Bedroom

A step-by-step guide to creating a waterfall of greenery in your sleep sanctuary.

Several planters hanging from hooks in a bedroom. Use this how-to guide for hanging plants from the ceiling in your bedroom with hooks.
Meg Allan Cole

Running out of space to place your plants? Or maybe you’ve fallen in love with an easy-to-maintain plant that just looks better when its leaves have room to waterfall from the ceiling. Hanging your plant is a vibrant way to create a relaxing, oasis vibe and add your to aesthetic.

Plants are huge mood boosters, especially when it comes to fighting stress and facilitating calm. Horticulture therapy, the practice of engaging in plant-based activities as facilitated by a therapist, is shown to increase mental well-being. Plants are also a joyful sight to see when you wake up, especially when they reflect your own personal taste and design style.

Nervous about the nuts and bolts to hanging plants? We got you. Here are the basics of hanging greenery in your bedroom. Don’t let uncertainty get in the way of bringing fresh joy into your room.

What to know about plants and their pots in the bedroom

Before you start hanging, you’ll want to make sure your plants are in their new pots. You can transfer the plant directly into the pot or keep them in their grow pot and let them nestle in the pot. Grow pots might be more difficult for maintenance if you have high ceilings, though, so consider your surroundings before you decide on your pot. If you’re still a little new to combining practical with pretty, we recommend sticking with pots that make upkeep easy and minimal.

Pots that have a good water filtration system (such as a hole at the bottom) can help prevent over saturation and mold growth, although you may be able to add a light layer of gravel and charcoal to the bottom of a closed pot to help absorb excess water. I use self-watering planters that have a catch tray/attached dish that catches any excess water for you. It makes upkeep a breeze and creates zero mess, which is crucial in the bedroom, especially if plants are near your bed or window treatments, or over a rug.

And above all, avoid heavy, breakable pots. These can be harder to hang, as well as create a potential safety hazard, due to the weight.

While you’re at it though, determine how low you want the plants to hang and get hangers that are that length. If you end up going too short and want them longer, you can elongate them by a few inches using connecting hooks.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Plant hanger 
  • Planter pot with a dish 
  • Potting soil 
  • Ceiling hook 
  • Anchor 
  • Drill or hammer and screwdriver 
  • Step ladder 
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Step one: Mark the spot(s)

To hang, decide where you want the plants located and make a mark on your ceiling in pencil right above. Before you decide, you may want to take note of how light filters into your room and how the light moves and changes in strength throughout the day. Near a window is usually ideal, but not all plants want bright light.

Tip for multiple plants: If you’re not sure about the light situation, hang one plant first and observe it throughout the week. Brown spots on your leaves are a sign of burning, so if you see any, you’ll want to move your plant immediately. Save that hole though and hang a faux plant there instead!

Step two: Make the hole for the anchor

Use your step ladder to reach the ceiling, and hammer the anchor into the pencil mark you made. For larger, heavier plants, you’ll need an anchor to keep them secured. As you hammer the hole in, be sure to wear eye protection as debris and dust could fall down.

You can also use a drill to make the hole.

Step three: Twist in your hook

Then, twist your hook into the anchor.

Step four: Hang your planter (carefully!)

This is a great time to ask for help and have a partner stabilize your ladder or do the hanging. If using a hanger, place the plant into the hanger while it’s still on the ground so you can carefully hold the weight of the plant while placing it on the hook. Otherwise, lift your pot by the twine and place it on the hook. Steady the bottom of the pot as you hang, so the weight slowly rests on the hook.

Repeat until you have hung all of your plants. I hung several in a row to create a really relaxing look.

And voila! Now you have a low-maintenance, high-impact peaceful indoor garden of greenery to bring a relaxing and luxurious look and feel into your bedroom. Keep a plant mister on hand to both freshen and clean your plants.

Not confident about plant maintenance? Try faux plants

If you are someone who experiences anxiety about the health of a plant, faux plants can take that worry off your plate. Luckily the design and look of faux plants has come a long way, and you can find some great-quality greenery at most home stores.

A few ways to embrace the faux look are:

  • Add an oversized palm to a vase for a touch of no-fuss greenery.  
  • Put a pre-potted faux plant into a new or vintage rattan hanging planter to really elevate the look. 
  • There’s also the dried approach, which keeps it real with no work involved.  
  • Place a bunch of bunny tails or pampas grasses in a vessel for the best of both worlds.  

Whether they’re real, dried, or faux, plants and greenery are a lovely design addition to your bedroom décor. They bring a beautiful look and promote feelings of relaxation and calm to any space. Which method do you think you will try out in your bedroom?