Designers Share Top Bedroom Décor Trends to Try in 2022

Colors, curves, and communal spaces are having a moment.

A Spanish villa in retro-style pink. Curved ceilings are one of the interior design trends to watch for in 2022.
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Believe it or not, it’s almost time to ring in 2022, and with a new year comes new home trends to embrace and enjoy! We polled six designers from across the country on the looks that we can soon expect to see in key spaces, including living rooms, reading nooks, home offices, and cozy corners. Read on to pick up some new ideas on ways to freshen up your bedroom and stay on trend in the new year.

Say yes to soft velvet and chenille

“Making [the home] warm, cozy, and inviting is a priority,” says Atlanta-based designer Andi Morse. “Incorporating fabrics that are soft and cozy with lots of neutrals and green seems to be a trend for the new year!” More specifically, Morse notes, velvet and chenille will be having a major moment in 2022.

Design tip: Not sure how to introduce these materials into your space? “Adding lots of pillows and beautiful soft throws is an easy way to bring this trend to life,” Morse states. To style pillows so that they look well-curated and not chaotic, Morse advises placing no more than five on a sofa and eight on a sectional. One or two can add texture to your bed.

Create intimate and accommodating communal spaces

Creating spaces that feel welcoming yet intimate is another design trend that will be key in the new year, Morse explains. “Make large areas feel smaller by layering rounded side tables, lamps, and beautiful rugs, together,” she mentions. “Take what you have and add to it.”

Design tip: Ottomans are extremely versatile and an excellent way to achieve a cozy atmosphere for people to gather. “They provide extra seating and can be pulled up to a sofa or chair for lounging,” Morse explains. While we’ll be seeing fewer open floor plans in homes, being able to set up multifunctional spaces as needed will still be key. Ottomans can easily be brought into a room for gatherings with family or friends and removed during at-home workouts or work meetings.

Opt for sunny shades

A woman sits on the floor in her bedroom with her eyes closed and a large set of headphones covering her ears. she is holding a cat. The bedroom fits perfectly with 2022 interior design trends.
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Welcome the new year by looking on the bright side — literally! Kevin O’Gara, a designer in Atlanta, anticipates a surge of yellow hues in the home. Shades that are more saturated will be having a major moment — “think rich citron or marigold for bringing a splash of sunshine inside,” O’Gara says.

Design tip: Don’t be fearful about welcoming this happy hue into your home. “If you’re unsure of how to bring yellow into your space, start with warm metals like brass and then try incorporating throw pillows or blankets, small pieces of art, and accessories like coasters and trays,” he adds. “A little goes a long way!”

Incorporate curves and arches

When it comes to specific shapes we will be seeing in the home for 2022, Connecticut designer Georgia Zikas says we can expect to see “a lot of arches and curves reappearing, and the heavier use of soft lines.” These looks will manifest both in terms of architecture and furnishings, and Zikas considers them to be timeless. “I always appreciate the classical forms, and curves never age.” This trend is reflected in Pinterest’s 2022 trend report, too.

Design tip: Based on emerging searches, Pinterest predicts that curved sofas, bar designs, and kitchen islands will be ultra-popular.

Get nice and personal

Next year’s homes will be nice and personal as opposed to overly styled, designer Eleanor Trepte comments. One way in which this trend will take shape is in regard to bookshelf styling. “For several years now, there has been this notion that your bookshelves need to look perfect and very contrived,” Trepte comments. “I think with the amount of time people have been spending in their homes, there will be a shift change in this and people will want to display items that mean something to them.”

Brighten your home with the color green

Several linen pillows are stacked up on a bed with green bedding. Green is an interior design trend to watch for in 2022.
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Texas designer Charmaine Wynter says that another happy hue, green, will be even more on-trend come next year. “You cannot go wrong if you select green in any shade,” she says. “It’s soothing in deeper hues, exciting in the vivid intensities, and calming in the light color ranges.”

Alex Nino, a designer in New York City, is also anticipating the color green to be top of mind in 2022. “It’s a color that’s often associated with health and healing, so it’s not entirely surprising to see its popularity take off after the pandemic we’ve all lived through over the past two years,” Nino says. Given that Pinterest has seen a rise in searches for biophilic design, this seems to be a trend people are already preparing to jump on. “Even for folks who are less inclined to use color, green is a good choice because we instinctively think of nature — it’s fresh yet tranquil, with calming qualities.”

Design tip: Nino particularly sees subdued greens with warm undertones taking center stage. “I like a color combination that makes the green feel earthy and grounded — something like Benjamin Moore October Mist would go really well with Sherwin-Williams Squirrel Tail, for example.”

Seek innovative, DIY hacks instead of buying new

Cara Newhart, a contributor and home & DIY influencer with over 400,000 followers on TikTok, says that influencers will be continuing to get creative with innovative hacks that range from furniture flips to wall upgrades.

“Furniture flipping projects have mass appeal and are almost always trending since they’re beginner, budget, and eco-friendly,” she says. Taking existing pieces and giving them new life in the form of paint or re-upholstery is an excellent way to protect the planet and further implement more sustainable practices in our daily lives. And this green solution isn’t just beneficial for the Earth — refurbishing furniture is also a smart alternative for those who don’t wish to succumb to long lead times that continue to exist due to the pandemic.

And those living in more temporary spaces will continue to benefit from projects geared toward renters specifically. “Renter-friendly hacks have virality,” Newhart says. “We’ve seen projects like wire-free, battery-operated sconce lights, peel-and-stick wallpaper, and more. I think we’ll see a lot more home projects getting renter-friendly versions.”

Re-imagining your sleep sanctuary can be as easy as trying just one of these interior design trends. We have some ideas to help you start: Try Newhart's "tech tuckaway" hack or incorporating more plants into the bedroom to channel those green vibes.