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Neurologist Dr. Chris Winter has studied sleep since 1993.

He is currently the owner of Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine Clinic and CNSM Consulting, and was formerly the medical director of the Martha Jefferson Hospital Sleep Medicine Center, which he established in 2004. Dr. Winter is not only an active participant in patient care, but a dynamic speaker and researcher on the science of sleep.

Dr. Winter’s current research focuses on sleep and athletic performance. He has served as a consultant for several MLB teams, NBA/WNBA teams, the NHL, and the NFL. In addition to professional athletes, Dr. Winter has studied the sleeping characteristics of 560 Division I-A college football players, and works with several collegiate teams to help optimize their players' sleep. When he’s not studying athletics, he’s an occasional triathlete himself.

Dr. Winter regularly appears on Fox News as a sleep and neurology expert, and regularly answers readers’ questions about sleep. He contributes to several publications, and has written two acclaimed books, The Sleep Solution and The Rested Child.

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Go on a journey to better sleep with Dr. Winter. Passionate about helping you Unjunk Your Sleep, Dr. Winter is committed to helping you get the rest you need to lead a healthier and more productive life.

If you prioritize sleep, age is just a number. Dr. Winter and Terry discuss how, by taking care of your body, it’s possible to achieve peak physical performance well into middle age.

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