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We've got a problem, America: Junk Sleep. And it's keeping us all from achieving our best. To help, we’ve assembled a superteam of sleep specialists and passionate creatives who are ready to Unjunk Your Sleep through personal stories, unique insights, and actionable advice.

Meet yourSleep Advisors

Here to guide the conversation are our Sleep Advisors, two experts who have dedicated their careers to helping people get better sleep so they can live happier, healthier lives.

Dr. Chris Winter is a neurologist and sleep medicine specialist with a passion for exploring how sleep impacts athletic performance. Dr. Jade Wu is a researcher, behavioral sleep medicine specialist, and unabashed proponent of naps. Together, they’ll draw from decades of experience to offer valuable information, insights, and tips to help you get your best rest.

Dr. Winter
Dr. Chris Winter
Sleep Neurologist
Dr. Winter

Meet aSleep Expert

With more than 200 hours of training each, Mattress Firm Sleep Experts™ work with people every day (and night!) to identify ​products that can improve their sleep.

As our in-store pros, Sleep Experts™ like Drew won’t rest until you do.

Drew, a Mattress Firm Sleep Expert™, shares why he couldn’t sleep on the opportunity to join the Sleep Team.


Beyond guidance, our Sleep Experts™ have a great suite of tools to help you achieve better sleep.

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Meet yourSleep Guides

What do a music producer, an innovative chef, and a BMX legend have in common?

They’re all Sleep.com Sleep Guides, a dynamic group of professionals who prioritize sleep to achieve success and accomplish their goals.

Through personal stories, each will share their unique journey through the pitfalls and peaks of getting the rest they needed to climb to the top of their fields, passing along tips and suggestions that worked for them — and could work for you, too.

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