Sweet Dreams Are Made of These 31 Holiday Gifts

From weighted blankets to the best sleep masks, we’ve rounded up gifts that feel as good to give as they do to get.

Woman wearing a green Lunya sleep mask
Photo Credit: Lunya

The holidays are almost here, and given the stress of 2020, there has never been a better time to spread good cheer — and more calm, rest, and relaxation.

So this year, let’s give our loved ones (ourselves included!) gifts that can help us all slow down, fret less, and sleep in heavenly peace. Below, 31 presents that sweet dreams are made of.

1. Brentwood Home Runyon Orthopedic Pet Bed
A french bulldog sitting in the Brentwood Home Pet Bed
Photo Credit: Brentwood Home

Everyone loves a cozy place to sleep, including our furry, four-legged family members. This memory foam dog bed creates a nest of supportive comfort with an added headrest, so they can stop endlessly circling and settle down by the fire for some canine hygge. The Runyon is available in four sizes, so chihuahuas and wolfhounds alike can find that sweet spot for slumber. And the cover is easy to remove and machine-washable, so keeping the whole thing clean is a snap.

From $155 | Find Out More

2. Oura Ring
Man wearing an Oura ring
Photo Credit: Oura

The NBA fans in your life have likely heard of the Oura Ring, a lightweight titanium health tracker that accurately measures temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep cycles, and more. That’s because in June all returning players were given the option to wear one with the idea that the device could detect and flag early Covid symptoms. But even those who don’t follow basketball can appreciate this microdevice, which reports clinical-level sleep data and identifies sleep problems from a stylish and unobtrusive perch on the wearer’s middle finger.

$299 | Find Out More

3. BlanQuil Weighted Blanket
Woman looking at her phone while using a BlanQuil weighted blanket
Most weighted blankets are filled with glass microbeads or even sand and weigh between five and 30 pounds.
Photo Credit: BlanQuil

In a year when anxiety levels are soaring and hugging friends is verboten, the weighted blanket— which feels like a long hug while being swaddled into a stress-proof cocoon — has become an essential household item. BlanQuil’s 15- or 20-pound model is a favorite for its double-layer construction: a soft, quilted (and removable!) cover and an inner blanket filled with eco-friendly glass micro-bead weights that provide just enough hug-like pressure to be therapeutic.

From $79.99 | Find Out More

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4. Sheex Men’s Modern Jogger
Man wearing a black pair of Sheex Modern Men's Joggers
Photo Credit: Sheex

These comfy joggers are made from the same breathable, moisture-wicking fabric as Sheex’s bedding, so pulling them on at the end of a long day is like sliding into high-thread-count sheets you can walk around in. They’re the perfect gift for anyone looking to lounge harder, better, and more stylishly this winter — which should be all of us at this point, right?

$79.99 | Find Out More

5. SleepScore Max
SleepScore Max sleep tracker on a nighstand
Photo Credit: SleepScore

From the most thorough sleep-tracking app in the business comes this genius bedside tracker, which gives you nearly clinical-level sleep data without having to wear a tracker or bury one under your mattress. It functions using echolocation — like a sleep-monitoring bat — to measure your sleep and then syncs with a companion app so you can track and improve your sleep health over time. It also has a smart alarm mode to wake you when you’re in your lightest sleep stage within a given window of time, so ideally you’ll rise feeling more refreshed.

$149.99 | Find Out More

6. Tempur-Pedic Tempur Body Pillow
Woman using a Tempur-Pedic Body Pillow in bed
Photo Credit: Tempur-Pedic

A body pillow is just a regular pillow but about twice as long. That said, it provides a totally different sleep experience by giving sleepers something supportive to wrap around, helping to align hips and knees. This one is 48 inches long with a medium-firm level of support that adapts to body pressure. It makes a great gift for side sleepers and pregnant people, or anyone who likes something soft to spoon all night.

$199.99 | Find Out More

7. Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Mask
Woman in bed wearing a Lunya Sleep Mask
Photo Credit: Lunya

Sensitive sleepers will love this silk sleep mask, which creates the illusion of peace and quiet regardless of the sheet-entangled chaos taking place on the other side of the bed. With a wide, elastic band, it blocks out ambient light to create total darkness, and reduces sound by snugly covering the ears. The silk material feels smooth and comfortable against the skin and can be tossed in the washing machine to clean.

$48 | Find Out More

8. Sleepy's Cool Pillow
Sleepy's Cool Pillow
Photo Credit: Sleepy's

Hot sleepers — and those who constantly find themselves flipping their pillow to find an elusive, undiscovered, even cooler side — will love the water-based technology in this pillow that keeps the surface feeling crisp and breathable. Gel foam inside the pillow adapts to the pressure of your body, so you get custom support for your head and neck while you slumber.

$59.99 | Find Out More

9. SelectBlinds Classic Cordless Blackout Shades
White Select Blinds on a bedroom window
Photo Credit: Select Blinds

These stylish and easy-to-clean blackout shades come in 10 colors and can be made to fit almost any window. As a gift, they’re the ultimate “I love you” for the partner who struggles to sleep with even a glint of natural sunlight seeping into the room.

$40.22 | Find Out More

10. Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask
Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask
Photo Credit: Tempur-Pedic

Give this high-quality sleep mask to the migraine sufferer in your life—or anyone who needs total darkness to get some shuteye. Soft memory foam fabric conforms to a sleeper’s face so no light can seep in. The adjustable elastic strap gives it a snug fit without any tugging or pressure.

$29 | Find Out More

11. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser
Vitruvi Stone Diffuser
Photo Credit: Vitruvi

For those with an eye for design, the porcelain Virtuvi diffuser is the perfect gift. On a shelf or bedside table, it looks like matte ceramic art. But pair it with the four essential oils in the Home Refresh Oil Kit ($38.50) and it becomes a mood-altering secret weapon, filling up a 500-square-foot space with invigorating or relaxing scents.

$83.30 | Find Out More

12. Synca Wellness Circ Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair
Synca Wellness Heated Massage Chair
Photo Credit: Synca Wellness

Yes, it’s a big give, but for family members with chronic muscle pain, this heated massage chair can be a lifeline. Bring one home and you’ll rarely find it empty. With five auto courses plus manual controls, the chair provides an addictive full-body massage and lumbar heat therapy with targeted support for stiff muscles in the hips and pelvic region. Unlike most massage chairs, it also fits and looks more like a regular chair, so it won’t clutter your minimalist design.

$899.99 | Find Out More

13. Malouf Wraparound Pregnancy Pillow
Malouf pregnancy pillow
Photo Credit: Malouf

Be warned: Give your partner one of these massive, C-shaped body pillows, and it will replace you in bed. That said, what you’ll gain from their improved sleep and mood for a trimester or three will be more than worth having to find a new place to sleep. The Malouf gives customized, ergonomic support through the neck, back, legs, and belly (where a pregnant person needs it most) and elevates and aligns the hips for much-needed relief. It’s so comfortable that some people use them long past their due date.

$59.99 | Find Out More

14. Bearaby Cotton Napper
Bearaby Cotton Napper weighted blanket draped on a chair
Photo Credit: Bearaby

This all-natural blanket looks like a traditional hand-knitted throw, but doubles as an undercover stress-fighter and serotonin-recharger due to its therapeutic weight. Available in 15-, 20-, or 25-pound models, the napper is made of soft, warm organic cotton that wraps around the body like a calming hug.

$249 | Find Out More

15. Plant Therapy Relaxation Set
Plant Therapy Relaxation Essential Oils Box Set
Photo Credit: Plant Therapy

Essential oils have long been touted as having miracle healing powers, but even diehard skeptics can appreciate the benefits of aromatherapy. This package is a great introduction to using plant therapy — at a great value. It includes oils designed to invoke feelings of meditation, relaxation, and tranquility, all of which smell great when dropped into a diffuser.

$24.95 | Find Out More

16. Chronicle Books Living Well One Line a Day Journal
Chronicle Books Living Well One Line a Day Book
Photo Credit: Chronicle Books

This compact volume is perfect for anyone who wants to be the kind of person who keeps an evening journal but needs a little help getting there (i.e. most of us). Little prompts are included to give the writer an occasional nudge. But one of the coolest aspects of the journal is that it collects all thoughts from a single date together across five years—so journalers can look back and track growth over time, like an analog, IRL version of the social media “Memories” function.

$16.95 | Find Out More

17. Hatch Rest
Hatch Rest on a table
Photo Credit: Hatch

Give a parent the ultimate present: an extra hour of sleep, uninterrupted by an early-rising kid’s excitement to be alive. This programmable night light changes colors when it’s time to get up, so even the most high-energy preschoolers can learn to wait in bed until it’s time. It also functions as a sound machine for white noise and soft nature sounds — all settings you can control remotely from your phone.

$59.99 | Find Out More

18. Brooklyn Candle Studio Santorini Escapist Candle
Brooklyn Candle Studio Santorini Escapist Candle
Photo Credit: Brooklyn Candle Studio

International travel is out of the question this holiday season, so recreating a fantasy island experience at home through the magic of aromatherapy will have to do for now. This eco-friendly soy wax candle brings all the rich scents of the Greek island of Santorini to your home. Just close your eyes, take in the blend of figs, currant, amber, and sandalwood, and you’re right there on the volcanic-sand beaches — or at least better relaxed in front of Netflix on your couch.

$38 | Find Out More

19. Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-up Light
Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light on a nighstand.
The Philips SmartSleep ConnectedSleep and Wake-Up Light features a customizable sunrise and sunset simulation and light-guided wind-down breathing.
Photo Credit: Philips

This wake-up lamp is the ultimate gift for grumpy risers or anyone tired of being jolted into consciousness every morning by a blaring alarm. Ease into your morning the natural way with warm light that simulates a sunrise, then relax into your evening with it as a bedside lamp, using any of the 10 different light intensities.

$154.99 | Find Out More

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20. Fitbit Sense
Fitbit Sense smartwach
Photo Credit: Fitbit

Fitbit’s latest data-heavy smartwatch makes a perfect gift for the holistic health-tracker in your life. It comes equipped with tools to measure activity, heart rate, steps, stress, temperature, blood oxygen, sleep, and every other metric one could use to conceivably capture from a wrist. Its sleep-tracking features are particularly strong — wearers get a breakdown of sleep duration, time spent in REM stage and deep sleep, heart rate, and Estimated Oxygen Variation, combined into a single, easy-to-grasp Sleep Score.

$279.95 | Find Out More

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21. Edge Light Clock
Edge Light Alarm clocks
Photo Credit: MoMA

For those who abhor clutter on their bedside tables, this dual-function light clock could not be more simple and sleek. It works as a bedside light for reading. Then, when it’s time to turn in, just flip the whole thing over and it becomes a lowlight alarm clock that won’t disrupt sleep. It’s USB-rechargeable and takes up only a tiny amount of space.

$49 | Find Out More

22. SOJOS Retro Round Blue Light Blocking Glasses
SOJOS blue light blocking glasses
Photo Credit: SOJOS

For the friend in your life with constant screen headaches, these universally comfortable blue-light-blocking glasses make an inexpensive and thoughtful gift. They also protect eyes by blocking UV light and preventing blurred vision, while flattering and framing any face.

$19.97 | Find Out More

23. Serene House Astro Diffuser
Serene House Astro Diffuser
Photo Credit: Serene House

Diffusers can do a lot to make a space feel peaceful and welcoming. This small and quiet model can fill a large bedroom with soothing scents for up to four hours on continuous mode, or eight on intermittent mode. An automatic shutoff makes it the perfect gift for those who love candles but worry about remembering to snuff them out at night. There are seven LED color options for setting just the right vibe.

$44.99 | Find Out More

24. Strange Dreams: A Journal
Chronicle Books Strange Dreams Journal
Photo Credit: Chronicle Books

For that friend who loves to exhaustively share all their latest overnight visions, this paperback journal is a kind and gentle nudge toward a more receptive outlet. With illustrations, facts about dreams, guided-writing prompts, and space to draw, it also makes a great gift for anyone who simply wants to harness their sleep creativity.

$14.95 | Find Out More

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25. Himalayan Trading Co. Original Himalayan Salt Lamp
Himalayan Trading Co. Himalayan Salt Lamp
Photo Credit: Himalayan Trading Co.

This natural cut salt lamp is perfect for the astrology-loving crystal collector in your life, who probably has enough essential oil candles already to last them to the next planetary cycle. Hand-carved out of 100-percent Himalayan pink crystal rock salt, the lamp is said to trap allergens and dust, reducing asthma symptoms, while also improving energy levels, mood, and sleep. Regardless of whether that’s all actually true, its soft, soothing glow would make a nice addition to any bedtime wind-down routine.

$34.97 | Find Out More

26. Lite + Cycle Bergamot Candle
Lite + Cycle Bergamot Candle
Photo Credit: Lite + Cycle

Made with energizing bergamot and grapefruit essential oils, this heavenly scented candle is an aromatic kick in the pants in the morning. It’s made of soy wax with a cotton wick and is free from all dyes, synthetics, and animal products.

$50 | Find Out More

27. Amazon Kindle Oasis with adjustable warm light
Woman reading a Kindle Oasis inthe bathtub
Amazon's Kindle Oasis features an adjustable backlight that can shift the screen shade from white to amber.
Photo Credit: Amazon

Using blue- and green-light-emitting screens before bed can block melatonin and lower your sleep quality. This 7-inch reader has a workaround: it uses an adjustable warm light, so readers can shift the display from white to amber in the evening to wind down. Audiobook lovers, in particular, will love that it supports Audible audio format, so they can pair it with a Bluetooth device, close their eyes, and relax with their favorite books.

$269.99 | Find Out More

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28. WHOOP Strap 3.0
Woman stretching while wearing a WHOOP strap 3.0.
WHOOP automatically detects activity based on an increase or decrease in your resting heart rate.
Photo Credit: WHOOP

Regardless of their sport, activity, or training plan, there’s one thing every athlete needs: adequate rest. Without it, their body can’t adapt to workouts and build itself back up stronger. The WHOOP Strap 3.0 and its companion app take the guesswork out of when and how long to rest. The strap harnesses data from a variety of sensors to gauge how tired their body is and when they're ready to train again. WHOOP’s sleep tracking is especially powerful. Not only will it calculate a daily Sleep Performance score based on how well your loved one slept, but it will also recommend a sleep schedule based on their circadian rhythm and an optimal sleep duration based on their preferred performance level the next day (“get by,” “perform,” or “peak”).

From $18/month | Find Out More

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29. ASTI LectroFan Classic
ASTI LectroFan on a nighstand
Photo Credit: ASTI

Do you snore at night? With 10 fan sounds and 10 white-noise variations that can be cranked up in volume to drown out a nasal-congestive ruckus, this is the best portable white noise machine you can buy your friends and loved ones. It’s small and powerful, with both AC and USB charging capacity, so they can take it everywhere and slumber in peace.

$49.95 | Find Out More

30. Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
Woman meditating next to an Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier
Photo Credit: Everlasting Comfort

The beauty of this cool mist humidifier is in its big, 6-liter tank, which can handle 500-square-foot rooms for 50 straight hours of action, so you don’t have to refill it every evening. It even has an added tray for essential oil diffusion, so you can fill your space with calming energy and get a more restful night of sleep.

$59.95 | Find Out More

31. Nike N7 Seven Generations Pendelton Blanket
Nike 7 Generations Pendleton Blanket
Photo Credit: Pendleton

Pendleton’s American-made wool blankets are beloved for their comfort, warmth, quality, and use of striking Southwest- and Northwest-inspired patterns. This one was designed by Diné artist Tracie Jackson in collaboration with Nike to celebrate the history and future of Native American communities. A portion of each sale helps fund scholarships for Native students and tribal colleges, so you can give a friend or loved one a gorgeous and functional piece of art while supporting the Indigenous communities that created the designs.

$329 | Find Out More

All prices were accurate at the time of publication.

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