The Best Bedroom Design, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We talked to expert designers and asked them to weigh in on how you should be decorating your room according to astrology.

Different bedrooms for Gemini's, Pisce's, Virgo's, and Cancer's.
Leo Medrano

If you’re a typical American, it’s likely that you get less than the recommended amount of sleep each night. And if you’re a typical American, it’s also likely that you’ve tried every remedy under the sun — or moon — to nod off and catch these much-needed Zzz’s.

Aside from incorporating bedtime rituals like yoga or reading, one creative and easy place to make changes is in your overall bedroom design. And that design might be impacted by your zodiac sign.

Celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas argues that one’s inability to doze may be strongly dictated by astrology.

“When it comes to relaxation and evening mindfulness, each zodiac sign has a special way to harness their strengths and bring more focus and energy into their sleep and preparation for the coming day,” he says.

So it stands to reason that by tailoring your bedroom’s aesthetic around inherent personality traits assigned by the universe, you can create a comfortable environment that encourages deep sleep and is more conducive to general relaxation.

Linda Hayslett, principal designer of LH.Designs, shares this sentiment and says the process of decorating around a sign may also actually be fun.

“As a designer, though we are there to give a client a great space, we are also there to help steer them in the right direction and make sure they don't create mistakes or get ahead of themselves,” she says. “I don't believe there are true design ‘don'ts’ because, being in a creative field, rules can be broken. While designing around a zodiac sign may be challenging and limiting, it could also help bring in focus and help a client get the most out of what they want in a bedroom space.”

We chatted with Thomas and Hayslett to get their expert take on each zodiac sign’s sleeping habits and what may work best when it comes to interior design decisions. For each sign, the type of sleeper, style, and space come from Thomas, and the decorating tips come from Hayslett. Check out their advice below.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

A dark Aquarius bedroom with a guitar amp on the ground
Leo Medrano

Type of sleeper: Purposeful. “With so much activity going on inside of them, Aquarians focus less on the pleasure of sleep and see it more for its purpose. This practicality means that if they could lose sleep altogether and keep running, they probably would.”

Design style to consider: Industrial

Ideal sleeping space: “As a mental air sign, an Aquarius will enjoy the abstract possibilities that an industrial space will provide them — practically limitless.”

Decorating tip: “Wrap yourself in high-quality, organic cotton sheets or any type of faux fur or plush blanket to encourage you to stay in bed and make it seem like it’s worth your time and a top priority.”

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

A very bright, sunshine filled Pisces bedroom with lots of blue.
Leo Medrano

Type of sleeper: Dreamy. “Pisces like to sleep more than almost any other sign because it detaches them from reality and allows them to dance and play in a magical world where everything can be beautiful.”

Design style to consider: Coastal

Ideal sleeping space: “Like the sea, Pisces always wish to feel free. The expansive and flowy surroundings of a Coastal/Hamptons aesthetic will allow them to never feel claustrophobic.”

Decorating tip: “Get some embroidered throw pillows for the floor and denim poufs to create a meditation area before bedtime. Make sure patterns are simple and colors are neutral to help ground your mind and body, so that you’re ready for a long and uninterrupted slumber full of dreams.”

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

A bright, minimalistic Aries bedroom
Leo Medrano

Type of sleeper: Restless. “Aries have difficulty sleeping because they’re always ready for their next conquest. Restless sleeping patterns can occur for this fiery sign if they don’t channel their energy productively rather than letting it fester within.”

Bedroom design style to consider: Modern

Ideal sleeping space: “A modern home will make an Aries feel bold and sleek. Materials in bedrooms can at times be varied, such as metal or glass, which can make this pioneering zodiac sign feel edgy without having to go over the top.”

Decorating tip: “Only have meaningful pieces like family heirlooms or picture frames surrounding your space. Furniture pieces like dressers, headboards, and armoires should also have clean lines so that they aren't too obtrusive or distracting in their look.”

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

A homey, Taurus bedroom with lots of stone and exposed wood.
Leo Medrano

Type of sleeper: Pleasurable. “This zodiac sign, known for its love of luxury and pleasure, enjoys a long nap or an extra hour of sleep whenever it can be fit in.”

Design style to consider: Rustic

Ideal sleeping space: “Taurus is the zodiac sign most connected to the Earth. This is why a rustic design will bring warmth to their bedroom, filled with wood or stone. Integrating furnishings that feel incorporated from the outdoors allows this lover of pleasure and simplicity to feel elegant and at peace.”

Decorating tip: “Having decorative candles or an aromatherapy machine will help to create a deeper connection to nature and get you in a Zen place. Use only earthy scents like bark, pine, musk, or wood to feel like you're outside.”

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

A cozy, Gemini bedroom.
Leo Medrano

Type of sleeper: Irregular. “This chatty and impulsive zodiac sign is prone to sleeping patterns that may be irregular. They [typically] don’t have a regular sleep pattern, particularly because they’re prone to late-at-night text and email conversations. Geminis find it hard to shut their minds off.”

Design style to consider: Bohemian

Ideal sleeping space: “When it comes to being carefree and loving spontaneity, Gemini is a sign that embodies this to their core. This can bleed over into their Bohemian design aesthetic. The Bohemian style is eclectic and allows them a playground where anything goes.”

Decorating tip: “Having a canopied bed with flowing drapery will block out all the noise from the world, but help to recharge a Gemini to keep this spontaneity going in the a.m.”

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

A warm, Cancer bedroom.
Leo Medrano

Type of sleeper: Emotional. “Cancers may have fluctuating sleep patterns that ebb and flow. Obsessive about their always-shifting emotions, Cancers’ sleep will directly be connected to how peaceful they truly feel within.”

Design style to consider: French country

Ideal sleeping space: “As one of the zodiac signs most closely connected to time, the past, and history, Cancer will find the French country design style naturally warm and homey. Whether they're including ornate or wood furnishings, the farmhouse style will feel naturally nostalgic.”

Decorating tip: “Cover your bed in plush pillows with soft, welcoming fabrics to not only provide neck support, but also emotional support on hard days.”

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

A bright, luxurious Leo bedrom.
Leo Medrano

Type of sleeper: Long. “Leos enjoy a long, leisurely nap or extended night of sleep. Prone to laziness whenever possible because they work so hard when they’re in the limelight, Leos love their beauty sleep to maintain their glorious exterior.”

Design style to consider: Transitional

Ideal sleeping space: “Leo, a fiery zodiac sign that is bold and elegant, likes to have options. This is why a transitional bedroom aesthetic will sing to their hearts, as it blends both traditional and modern design. Their stylish and inviting interiors may even blend steel, glass, or plush furniture.”

Decorating tip: “Don’t underestimate the power of a perfect nightstand. You’ll want this to be stylish, but functional with a larger surface area that serves multiple purposes (i.e., a place for a lamp, phone, glass of water, alarm clock, etc.) since so much time is spent in bed.”

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

A bright Virgo bedroom.
Leo Medrano

Type of sleeper: Anxious. “Always a perfectionist, Virgos are the most prone to insomnia because they have such a habit of overthinking and analyzing every single detail. However, when necessary, they’ll be the first to try out an herbal supplement or natural remedy to try to release their stress enough to calm down and get some much-needed sleep.”

Design style to consider: Contemporary

Ideal sleeping space: “Contemporary design — like Virgo — appreciates an attention to detail and sensitivity. As an aesthetic that focuses specifically on the 20th century, Contemporary captures the here and now. This echoes within Virgo, a zodiac sign that is deeply connected to the present reality in their day-to-day.”

Decorating tip: “Carve out a small space to meditate with some layered vintage and jute rugs. This will allow you to stretch, achieve mindfulness, and ease your stresses, but without having to move around furniture to do so.”

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

A woodsy, Libra bedroom.
Leo Medrano

Type of sleeper: Unbothered. Libras are prone to ‘checking out’ and indulging in some much-needed R&R whenever possible. Also, Libras are natural cuddlers and always sleep better with someone else rather than alone because of how they are the most connected sign to partnership, companionship, and union.”

Design style to consider: Scandinavian

Ideal sleeping space: “Libras, ruled by Venus, love their lives to feel like a work of art. This is why the Scandinavian aesthetic embodies them most of all. This design is functional, but also has many sculptural elements.”

Decorating tip: “If you’re sleeping solo but want to feel like someone else is present, create a living wall or add plants to your bedroom. Plants that have vine-like qualities or trees that have large leaves, such as fiddles, can help to fill a seemingly empty or lonely space.”

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

A dark, moody Scorpio bedroom.
Leo Medrano

Type of sleeper: Distracted. “Many Scorpios can spend long hours into the night watching the shadows on their walls, sometimes afraid to dream due to fear of nightmares. Of all the signs, this one is the least likely to be a morning person.”

Design style to consider: Minimalist

Ideal sleeping space: “Minimalist design is streamlined, intense, and powerful, much like the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Both are bold and always make a statement.”

Decorating tip: “Create a moody room with black-out curtains and dark colors on the wall, such as navy, plum, or chocolate. The goal is to make the room as cozy as possible so that you can shut out the world around you and hibernate.”

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

A sensual, Sagitarius bedroom bathed in purple.
Leo Medrano

Type of sleeper: Night owl. “Sagittariuses are up late into the night checking out memes, chuckling watching videos, or gossiping about something new. Whatever [the distraction], they don’t look at sleep as much of a priority as some of the other signs, but may pay the price in the morning when they are still sleepy and reach to grab their favorite choice of caffeine.”

Design style to consider: Hollywood Glam

Ideal sleeping space: “Opulent, luxurious, and a bit dramatic, Sagittarius is the zodiac sign that will be drawn to the Hollywood Glam bedroom aesthetic. This style can be bold or royal, something the extravagant Sagittarius will adore.”

Decorating tip: “A Tibetan singing bowl will not only calm your brain and allow you to drift off sooner, but it also plays into a regal and luxurious design vibe.”

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

A regal, Capricorn bedroom.
Leo Medrano

Type of sleeper: Regimented. “Capricorns know how they like to sleep, when they like to sleep, and where they like to sleep, and if any of those factors are off, expect to see this earthy zodiac sign unable to fully relax.”

Design style to consider: Traditional

Ideal sleeping space: “Of all the zodiac signs that enjoy powerful and classic design, Capricorns are naturally connected to history. The ornate details, varied textures, and elaborate furnishings here will make a Capricorn feel right at home.”

Decorating tip: “Get furniture pieces with USB chargers built into the drawers or inside cabinets. You will sleep peacefully knowing that your electronics will be powered and ready to go when you start your day, but you won’t have to be reminded of work when these cords are hidden.”

Whether you choose to believe in astrology or not, anything is better than tossing, turning, and resorting to counting sheep. By making a few simple design adjustments to your bedroom space to accommodate the sleeping habits associated with your zodiac sign, you may just find yourself drifting off a lot sooner and without the need for reinforcements. Surrender to the universe or, at the very least, use this as an excuse to upgrade old furniture and add new pieces. You’ll likely be glad you did.