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The team wants to help improve your sleep. Our goal is to provide sleep help and demystify sleep – from how to fall asleep faster, to the top sleep technology, to how much REM sleep you need, and why you keep waking up at 3am every night.

To help make that happen, we’ve launched the Sleep Secrets Series on the Clubhouse app which includes weekly sleep panels, fireside chats, thought leadership, and discussions with special guests and neurologist and Sleep Advisor Dr. Chris Winter, author of “The Sleep Solution” and “The Rested Child.”

Come join us for free sleep coaching, sleep help, camaraderie, and friendly, fun chats with experts who truly want you to achieve better rest. Ask your sleep questions to Dr. Winter and our panel of medical doctors and science experts.

Upcoming clubhouse events

"The world of sleep" Thursday, August 12 at 2 p.m. PT / 5 p.m. ET
Tune in for a regular Q&A sessions with neurologist and Sleep Advisor Dr. Chris Winter and head of content at, Jess Barron.

Portrait of Dr. Chris Winter, Sleep Doctor
Dr. Winter collaborated with to create 8 Days to 8 Hours, a program to help you achieve that sweet spot of eight hours of sleep a night.
Courtesy of Dr. Chris Winter

"The secrets of children (& teens) and sleep" Sunday 7 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. ET
Neurologist and Sleep Advisor Dr. Chris Winter is launching his new book on sleeplessness in children and teens. He and internal medicine specialist Dr. Monya De will answer sleep questions from the audience. Come ready with your parenting questions, and join us alongside panelists La Carmina and Rachel Rhee.

Don't miss us — we're live weekly

Portrait of Dr Monya De
LA-based internal medicine specialist and urgent care doctor and medical journalist Dr. Monya De is a frequent Sunday night panelist.
Dr. Monya De

When: We host them twice weekly on Thursday afternoons (Thirsty Thursdays) and Sunday evenings to help avoid the Sunday Scaries on the free Clubhouse app.

Who: You, our Sleep Advisors, and panelists

Where: To stay up to date on upcoming Sleep talks, follow our club Sleep Secrets on Clubhouse.

Previous and current guests have included:

    • Dr. Monya De, internal medicine specialist  
    • Dr. Brandon Peters, sleep medicine doctor and neurologist, and author of “Sleep Through Insomnia,”  
    • Dr. Kristen LaMarca, PhD author of “Learn to Lucid Dream” and dream and sleep lucidity specialist  
    • Dr. Seema Khosla, MD, Medical Director at the North Dakota Center for Sleep AND host of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) Talking Sleep podcast 
    • Dr. Asim Roy, sleep medicine specialist and medical director of the Ohio Sleep Medicine Institute. 
    • Phyllis Zee, Chief of Sleep Medicine at Northwestern Medical 
    • Robert Verona, pulmonologist and sleep apnea specialist. 
    • Travel host and lucid dreamer La Carmina of 
    • Wellness entrepreneur and cancer survivor Rachel Rhee of 
    • Marco Nuñez, ex-Lakers' trainer and sports medicine and human movement specialist 
    • Brandon Guyer, former MLB outfielder for Cleveland and Tampa 
    • Elise Joan, Beachbody Supertrainer and wellness leader 
    • Dr. Elie Gottlieb PhD, SleepScore Labs sleep scientist   
    • Dr. Kelly Baron, PhD, Sleep researcher and SleepScore Labs  
    • Dr. Roy Raymann, PhD, aka the “Sleep Czar” from SleepScore Labs 
    • Julian Jagtenberg, Somnox Sleep Robot founder & CEO  
    • Dr. Mary Carskadon from Brown University and one of THE most prominent US Sleep researchers 

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