4 Design Trends That Will Make You Love Your Bedroom Again

Whether gilded or grass cloth, the most inspiring bedroom designs this year are the ones that reflect your own personal palette.

Colbalt blue bedroom design trend
Suzanna Scott Photography

For many of us, the past year has meant a lot of time in our bedrooms. Impromptu Zoom call while your partner occupies the office? Bedroom. Reading room to replace your favorite coffee shop? Bedroom. And of course, much-needed naptime getaway? You guessed it: bedroom.

Whether you’re tired of what you see when you wake up each morning or you’re looking at spring cleaning as the perfect excuse to improve the aesthetic of a setting you spend so much time in, it’s likely time to change up your bedroom’s design. After all, the look and feel of your bedroom matters.

“The term ‘2020 vision’ has certainly taken on new meaning as to how we have been viewing and using our homes this past year,” says interior designer Suzanne Tucker. And while design trends like the “cloffice” (that’s Pinterest speak for a closet-turned-home-office) are on the rise this year, there are a slew of other expert-endorsed tactics for spicing up the space you likely occupy most in your home.

Out of all the design trends that have been listed this year, these are the top four interior designers believe will help improve your sleep sanctuary.

The Easiest Way to Refresh Your Bedroom Design

“What’s great is that people may have been cooped up, but are taking great comfort in reorganizing their surroundings and actually using their homes and spaces more creatively,” says Tucker, who has designed homes for over 30 years. “Sleeping — and spending more time — in the same bedroom night after night is calling for refreshed walls, better pillows, good lighting, beautiful linens, and a cozier bed.”

How can you renew your own sleep space? Start by taking stock of everything you have in the bedroom and get serious about clearing the clutter. Inspect your existing items for signs of wear and tear (think stains, marks, scratches, and other indicators of age), and if the old stuff doesn’t spark joy, KonMari Method things right out of your life.

Then invest all that money you saved on going out last year to swap your worn-out bedding for brand new goods. Or peruse Pinterest for compelling DIY ideas.

If all your items are in A-OK shape or you’re simply not in a financial position to do a total swap, one simple strategy for breathing new life into a space is to repaint your walls or create an accent wall. According to trend forecasts, rich, dark tones like Sherwin-Williams’s Urbane Bronze are all the rage. Another easy fix for a whole new feel? Replace old artwork with new prints or posters.

Go Bold With Maximalist Colors and Designs

Emerald green decorated bedroom
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“The bedroom is going bolder than ever,” says designer Jonathan Rachman, whose vibrant, international work has been featured in Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and more.

“While the calm, soothing bedrooms will always be the way to go for some people, our clients want more and more bold-yet-monochromatic, such as this bedroom with a sexy green velvet headboard against the textured black-and-gold wallpaper or our showcase show stopper with gilded high- gloss cobalt blue.”

Bring the Outdoors Inside With Natural Wallpaper

“Each primary bedroom that I designed this year featured wallpaper in either grass cloth texture or large graphics in bold colors,” says interior designer Kari McIntosh, whose work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Silicon Valley, and more. “To me, this signals a yearning for nesting and creating a cozy cocoon for oneself.”

Sites like Wayfair and Wallpaper Warehouse have pretty much every kind of print under the sun, but if you’re looking for something truly unique, check out an indie brand like Society6, which features innovative designs from independent artists.

Beige bedroom designed with maximalist styles and patterns
Interior design by Suzanne Tucker/Tucker & Marks.
Matthew Millman/© Matthew Millman

And if the thought of wallpapering your entire room feels overwhelming or over-expensive (the project can easily set you back $500 or more), consider something equally festive but far less pricey, like wall decals. The designs from Canadian artist and teacher Karla Jodoin average about $30 at WallPops, and they effectively elevate the vibe of any room.

Make Your Bedroom Into Your Ideal Hangout

“I think the master suite is going to become much more valued as a retreat; it may include a designated office space and a spot for exercise,” says interior designer Cynthia Spence, who has spent the last 15 years collaborating with clients to create restorative rooms. “The closet may become a gathering space with a beverage fridge for champagne; the bathroom, a spa.”

In other words, you can make more with what you have rooms-wise. The journey from bedroom to bar (or juice bar) can be just a few steps with this $180 mini cooler. If you feel like incorporating a fitness element, many bikes, weight sets, and pieces of home equipment can fit into a small bedroom.

Another fun and unexpected addition to diversify your space? A tarot table or other type of spiritual element. A crystal display, essential oil diffuser, or even a yoga mat can remind you to take a deep breath and chill during marathon meetings.

The Best Design Trend Is the One That Makes You Happy

Whether you love big, bold colors or muted expressions of serenity, the goal with your bedroom is to make it a reflection of your likes and personality. If pastels are still the hues that calm your soul, stick with those soft pinks and yellows! And if an old cabinet you got because it was free doesn’t serve you anymore, give it up and make way for something you love. After all, the best bedroom decor is the decor that makes you happiest, feeling safe and secure.

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