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Drew is the Sleep Expert™ you can count on.

Drew has worked in many different channels of the sleep industry over his 23-year career, including retail and as a manufacturer representative. Mattress Firm interested him out of sheer size and success. He was curious to learn how a mattress retailer could grow to be as successful as it has. That curiosity launched his journey as a Sleep Expert.

Since then, he’s quickly moved into a leadership role, in which he’s now able to help not only the guests, but his team as well. The people that come to Mattress Firm every day suffer from a variety of sleep disruptors that we help them uncover in order to Unjunk Their Sleep.

Every time he helps people find the perfect match for a restful night, it gives him a satisfying feeling knowing he's a part of something much bigger than a mattress purchase: he’s helping them improve their lives. Drew is excited and honored to share his expertise about how to achieve quality sleep and offer solutions for people with 24/7 access on Sleep.com.

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Better sleep is within reach. As a committed Sleep Expert and member of the Mattress Firm team, Drew knows how to help people identify the problems keeping them from quality rest. Hear what experience he's gained from helping customers with various sleep needs to achieve their dream sleep.

What are some steps you can take to achieve better sleep? Our Sleep Expert has a few ideas.


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A pioneer in the LA beat scene, a world class performer, and an artist who had to overcome a medical condition to pursue her passion — TOKiMONSTA makes her night owl sleep schedule work for her and isn't afraid to communicate her sleep needs.

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