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About Andrea Drummer

Chef Andrea Drummer blends cannabis into the culinary industry.

A pioneering leader in both the culinary and cannabis industries, Andrea is the driving force behind West Hollywood’s Original Cannabis Café, where she’s created a first-of-its-kind menu complementary to heightened senses from cannabis

An advocate for the legalization of cannabis, Andrea gained a wealth of knowledge by working with local activists and allies while innovating edible cuisine to access the full properties of the cannabis plant. Through her research, she was able to discern the positive impacts cannabis and CBD-related products can have on your sleep. She continues to pair a strain with a dish that complements its particular flavor profile, a complex and intricate feat.

Andrea’s talents have made her food a must-try, and she has crafted meals for many notable celebrities, including Miguel, Wiz Khalifa, and Chelsea Handler. Andrea is currently the food editor of CannabisMD.com and was recently named #1 of 10 Top Cannabis Chefs in the Country.

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A challenging relationship to sleep has never stopped Andrea Drummer from pursuing a life that strives for wellness. Learn how this celebrity chef has overcome daunting challenges to reach the top of her industry.

Dig deeper into Andrea Drummer's personal relationship with sleep and how it's impacted her career.

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