How To Improve Your Sleep Routine Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Nobody does a sensual bedroom quite like a Scorpio.

Various illustrations of routines for zodiac signs including, taking a shower, petting your pet, snuggling with a partner or sleeping in.
Leo Medrano

For many of us, astrology is so much more than reading a quick horoscope in the back of a magazine — it’s a way of life. Our signs reveal insight about why and how we make decisions, interact with others, and adopt new habits, so it only makes sense that they can also dictate how easily we fall asleep.

Dr. Alicia Blando, a physical medicine and rehabilitation consultant and author of “Open for Interpretation: A Doctor's Journey into Astrology,” is a firm believer in our zodiac signs’ ability to provide insightful information on bedtime routines and how to enhance them. Since astrologers believe our signs are linked directly to inherent personality traits and preferences — bedtime characteristics like sleeping environments, potential distractions, and nightly rituals can be modified to accommodate unique needs and maximize the chances of attaining only the highest quality of sleep.

“Personality, as determined by the astrological signs, can play a role in sleeping habits,” she confirms, noting that slight adjustments, in tandem with general sleep hygiene guidelines, can make significant improvements in one’s energy quality each day.

“If changing a routine leads to a concrete goal, then the motivation is there to facilitate a change or to learn a new habit,” she says. “Change can take as little as a week or less if the goal is desirable and tangible.”

If change is what you seek and you’re willing to put in the work for substantial results, Blando has guidance and thoughts on what your zodiac sign may say about current sleeping patterns and how to adjust them for the better.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

A record player on the nightstand.
Leo Medrano

Sleeping patterns: “Aquarius people are independent, creative, and march to the beat of their own drum. They light their candles, set up their essential oil diffuser, or play music to get them in the relaxed state to sleep. They like to be on their own schedule. If they need more sleep, they take it.”

How Aquarius can improve sleep: Continue to indulge in the tried-and-true personalized methods that make sleeping so easy. But if you’re eager to feel like you’re completing an additional task while sleeping (since Aquarians are also known for craving a sense of accomplishment), it may be in your best interest to nod off with an audiobook or something that educates or inspires you without preventing you from nodding off.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

An illustration of a man asleep, dreaming of him in a row boat.
Leo Medrano

Sleeping patterns: “Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac signs. While in deep sleep, they can indulge in imagination and a fantasy world which can cause them to sleep longer.”

How Pisces can improve sleep: Minimize alcohol before bed, which is scientifically proven to reduce the amount of time spent in a R.E.M. cycle. Since a majority of dreams happen during this time, a drink or two may do a disservice in allowing the mind to wander in ways that are potentially inspiring to a Pisces.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

A smartphone plugged in to charge.
Leo Medrano

Sleeping patterns: “Aries is the self-starter of the zodiac. The person with this sign has initiative and is always planning projects and activities. Before going to sleep, this person has to make an effort to wait until tomorrow to do the things that need to get done.”

How Aries can improve sleep: Power down your phone at least an hour before bed so that you can relax your brain without distractions. You’ll also want to schedule any type of exercise for earlier in the day. This will help you avoid activating the mind too close to your head hitting the pillow.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

A woman sitting up in bed with a book in her lap.
Leo Medrano

Sleeping patterns: “Taurus is represented by the symbol of the bull. They can be stubborn and resistant to change. They may know that they need to rest but will want to continue what they were working on. But once asleep, they want to stay there. Again, resistant to change.”

How Taurus can improve sleep: Reprogram your perception of sleeping so that it becomes a luxury. Wear the most comfortable pajamas, invest in expensive sheets, and buy that fancy humidifier. This will make adopting healthy sleep hygiene habits a lot easier since the dreaded change is incentivized.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

A man asleep on his back. His glasses are placed on his nightstand next to him.
Leo Medrano

Sleeping patterns: “Gemini is the sign of the twins. They are of two minds. They want to go to sleep but also want to be where the action is. They are the ones that, while in bed, will continue to look at their electronic devices, scrolling through TikTok or their social media feed.”

How Gemini can improve sleep: Don’t just turn off the cell phone or tablet; keep these devices out of the bedroom. Any type of stimulation will keep a Gemini up for hours, and it’s important to fully eliminate the temptation to engage.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

A woman squeezing out shampoo onto her hand in the shower.
Leo Medrano

Sleeping patterns: “Cancer is the sign of the homebody but is ruled by the moon, which ‘wakes’ up at night. It may be hard to fall asleep, and the person with this sign could benefit from a nap or two during the day.”

How Cancer can improve sleep: If napping is unrealistic, take part in relaxing activities like showering, soaking your feet, or rubbing lavender-based beauty products into your skin. These rituals can calm the mind and alert your body that it is, indeed, time to fall asleep.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

A close up of a person in bed from the shoulders down writing in a journal with a dog on their lap.
Leo Medrano

Sleeping patterns: “Leo is the showman of the zodiac. If they have an audience or are on a phone call, they can announce that it’s time for them to go to bed and be dramatic about it.”

How Leo can improve sleep: Treat a journal like a therapist and jot down everything you feel from the day. This will allow you to get everything off your chest without requiring some type of interaction with another person.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

An illustration of a woman closing her curtains. The moon is speaking out between the two curtain panels.
Leo Medrano

Sleeping patterns: “Virgo is detail-oriented. They go through evening rituals. Before they brush their teeth to get ready for bed, they check to see that their home alarm is set for the night and will lay out what they will wear the next day. Once in bed, they may get up again to make sure that their home alarm is on. This mental activity can spill over into sleep. They may wake up in the middle of the night with a solution to a problem they have been having. Then, once they wake up, they want to act on their solution.”

How Virgo can improve sleep: Staying asleep is of the utmost importance, so it’s worthwhile to invest in noise-cancelling and light-blocking elements to keep your room a disruption-free sanctuary. To quiet your mind, meditation can help prepare your brain for quality sleep.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

An illustration of a woman on a couch.
Leo Medrano

Sleeping patterns: “Libra is symbolized by the scale, which brings to mind the word ‘balance.’ Libras have to work hard to maintain [this balance of energy] with a regular nighttime sleep schedule, which provides them the energy to function during the day.”

How Libra can improve sleep: Take naps. Libras are one of the few signs that can benefit from sleep during the day, no matter how short of an open window you have. The rest you receive during these periods will balance the rest you receive (or don’t receive) in the evening.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

An illustration of a couple in bed. The woman's hand is on the man's face.
Leo Medrano

Sleeping patterns: “Scorpio is the most sensual of the zodiac signs. Sleep takes second place to the pleasures of the bed. During the week, Scorpios can function with little sleep to accomplish their goals, but will catch up during the weekends.”

How Scorpio can improve sleep: Lean into the sensory pleasures of your bedroom. If you’re in a relationship, sex before bed can satisfy the desire for pleasure while also tiring the Scorpio so that he or she can nod off shortly after. But you’ll want to keep the bedroom free from any visual distractions so that the goal of energy repletion takes priority over being in bed just because it feels good.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

An illustration of a woman in bed with an eye mask on.
Leo Medrano

Sleeping patterns: “The symbol for Sagittarius is the arrow shooting off into the sky. This can imply that they’re preoccupied with future plans, like a meeting the next day or a future vacation. As a result, overthinking can cause disturbed sleep.”

How Sagittarius can improve sleep: A weighted blanket will be a Sagittarius’ best friend. Since their lives are always in motion, the subtle pressure will envelop them and force them to chill and decompress in the moment.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

A woman on her back in bed. The alarm clock beside her reads 10:15.
Leo Medrano

How Capricorn can improve sleep: “Capricorns are very structured. They have a tendency to set a schedule for almost everything. They also have many things to accomplish and tend to rise and shine early. Bedtime is a routine they adhere to and may become discombobulated if their schedule is interrupted.”

Recommendation: Maintain a consistent bedtime, even on the weekends. Going to bed an hour later than usual can throw off a Capricorn’s admirable consistency.

General Tips To Improve Sleep Routines

As an accomplished physician and medical consultant, Blando also happily provided general tips on promoting positive sleep hygiene. You may have heard many of these before, but here are the five she recommends to achieve a good night’s rest. And remember, quality change can take place in as little as a week if there is a more concrete goal to strive for (i.e., sleeping eight hours), as opposed to a more general result (i.e., “I want to sleep better”).

  1. Don’t eat a big meal before bed. You’ll want to especially avoid proteins and foods with high-fat content, which can take the body longer to digest. Lying down after eating can process the food slower and even cause acid reflux.  
  2. Avoid exercising late at night. This increases the heart rate, which doesn’t allow your body to relax.  
  3. Eliminate caffeine past the early afternoon. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but save that strong cup o’ joe for the morning when you really need it.  
  4. Don’t make decisions or do work in bed. Solving problems, making social plans, or even doing work is best saved for the daytime. You can easily stress about the details of these actions if they’re at the forefront of your mind.  
  5. Turn off electronic devices at least an hour before sleep. They stimulate the brain and alert the body into thinking it needs to stay awake.