The Week in Sleep News: July 29, 2022

Ben Affleck shows just how sleepy boats can make us.

Two people in bed reading newspapers beneath text that reads "Sleep News Week of July 29, 2022"

Here’s the sleep news for this week: 

Is napping a thing of the past?

The Journal of the American Heart Association released new research on the correlation of napping, poor sleep, and short or long sleep (<7 or ≥10 hours per night)and increased risk of cardiovascular disease in older adults. Researchers sent a questionnaire to over 12,000 people and found that respondents who reported sleeping between seven and nine hours at night as well as taking no naps were least likely to develop cardiovascular disease. Data showed that those who reported napping up to 30 minutes were 11% more likely to develop cardiovascular disease and the risk increased by 23% if naps lasted longer than 30 minutes. While there is no causation implied by this data, it is an important reminder to speak to your healthcare professional if you find yourself napping frequently to address feeling of fatigue.

Poor sleep may be linked to liver disease

A new study from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinol and Metabolism has found that sleep can be a factor in developing fatty liver disease. Researchers found that not only do people with a sedentary lifestyle have a high risk of liver disease but that those with a late bedtime and prolonged daytime napping have the highest risk for developing fatty liver disease. During their study they found that each additional increase in participants’ sleep score was associated with a 16% reduction in fatty liver disease risk. Researchers hope this new information encourages people to improve their sleep quality.

No more co-sleeping for Kristen Bell

Actress Kristen Bell has been candid about how her daughters, ages 7 and 9, sleep in the same room as her and husband, Dax Shepard, and how that has compromised alone time for the couple. However, Bell recently shared that her daughters have upgraded from their parents’ floor to their own beds... in their own room.

In social media news

Ben Affleck proves that boats of all kinds can make you sleepy. We recently looked into why boats can make us sleepy.

Ben Affleck sleeping on a boat on honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez.
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Speaking of co-sleeping, ahead of the release of her new album, Beyonce shared a sweet picture of herself in bed with her three snoozing kids.

Beyonce laying in bed with her three sleeping children.
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