The Week in Sleep News: February 3, 2023

Scientists have found Quolls need to sleep more to prevent their extinction. Meanwhile, Paul Rudd attributes his superhero physique to sleep.

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This week in sleep news…

Sleep could be the key to save endangered Quolls

According to a new Australian study, endangered male northern quolls are giving up sleep for more sex - and it could be killing them. While studying quoll travel patterns, researchers found that males travel long distances searching for mating partners, giving up sleep in the process. They also found that male quolls attract more parasites, most likely because they devote less time to grooming so they can make the most of each breeding season. A lack of sleep might be the reason why the male marsupials typically mate themselves to death in one breeding season while females live and reproduce for up to four years, experts say.

the spotted quoll is brown with white spots and a pink nose with sharp teeth
the spotted quoll is brown with white spots and a pink nose with sharp teeth
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Sleeping Pills associated with higher risk for dementia

A new study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease suggests that older adults who take sleeping pills may have an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers found that older adults who said they “often” or “almost always” took sleep aids had a 79% higher chance of developing dementia compared to those who “never” or “rarely” used them. They also found that this connection only existed in white study participants. Further studies are needed to determine if the sleep medications themselves are harmful or if it’s the frequent use of sleep medications that links to an increased dementia risk.

In more fun sleep news

Paul Rudd finally revealed his secret to getting in shape for his superhero role: Sleep! That’s right, when Men’s Health asked Rudd what routine he uses to get in super shape and the actor simply attributed it to his sleep schedule. Of course, Rudd says he also runs and tries to lift weights three times a week but, "the most important part of training is sleep," he told Men’s Health. "People will set their alarm and then sleep for four hours and they’ll get up so that they can train. They’re doing themselves a disservice."

In sleep-centric social media...

In this light-hearted TikTok, media company Mamamia asked their staff how often they wash their sheets and some of their answers were too real (team two weeks anyone?). For a definitive answer on how often the experts suggest you wash your sheets check out our guide on how often you should wash your bedding.

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