Four Must-Haves for the Perfect Bed

So, you've bought a new mattress, but the task of refreshing your bed is far from done. While building the sleep sanctuary you deserve may seem straightforward, there are various things to consider, from box springs to linens to pillows.


Check out these elements in making your bed the best place for getting a good night’s sleep.

Choose a Foundation

Unless you want your mattress on the floor, you’ll need a platform to put it on. No matter your sleep style or bedroom decor, a foundation is the essential starting point in creating an ideal sleep sanctuary.

The options range from simple to elaborate. You may opt for a simple bed frame or a classic box spring. Or perhaps you’d like to get an adjustable bed or an elegant platform bed frame. Think about cost, material, color and height.

Protect Your Purchase

After you've chosen the mattress of your dreams (literally), it's time to protect it. While some may forget this basic necessity when making a bed, a mattress protector is essential.

Mattress protectors shield your mattress from allergens, dust mites, spills and stains, extending the life of your mattress and ensuring you're sleeping in a healthy environment night after night. Mattress protectors can cinch around your mattress like a fitted sheet or encase it entirely.

Shop the Sheets

In making an appealing bed, sheets are the star of the show. Choose sheets that not only fit your mattress but also your sleep style. It can be tempting to look only at color and thread count when shopping for bed sheets, but it’s important to determine what you need your sheets to do for you before you start your search.

Are you a hot sleeper? Cool sleeper? Do you enjoy crisp sheets or silky ones? Do your kids sometimes take over your bed? A cool sleeper may look for flannel sheets, while a family with kids might enjoy jersey-knit sheets to cuddle up in.

Pick Your Pillows

Pillows can be the ultimate key to comfort for a good night’s sleep. From cooling to memory foam, down to latex, pillow types are plentiful.

Pillows come in a variety of firmness levels, from ultra-soft to super firm. Some are best for side sleepers and others for back or stomach sleepers. With so many options, it's important to determine what type of pillows work best for you.

Designing your bed is a fun way to express your individual taste while also creating a haven of comfort to sink into at night. Take advantage of the many options available for each part of the bed puzzle to get the whole picture just right.

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